Thursday, November 17, 2016

My Modular Design Wall

I was finally able to enlarge my design wall so that it can be wider than 48 inches.  I did this by buying two more pieces of one inch thick foam insulation board.  Each of them were 24 inches wide.  I took the large flannel sheet off of my wide board, cut it into three pieces, serged the edges, and was able to cover all three boards.  It is attached to the back with extra strong Gorilla Tape.

I love my modular design wall.  I can have a four foot section like in the picture above, or I can add a second section with the corner cut off without blocking the walkway at all.  I make a lot of quilts 60 inches wide, and this is the perfect size design wall for that.

If I need a full six feet at the top I can use the other board and only block the walkway a little bit.

But if I want a really big board I can use all three.

This is now eight feet wide (minus the corner) and 89 inches tall.  While it blocks the walkway, I can still get in and out of my room.

I use a fabric scrap at the top to keep the design wall from tipping over.  I use the clips on my quilt hanger and then pin it to the board.  Monkey even tried hitting it from the back and it still stayed up.  I can use the extra big wall for a larger quilt or two smaller quilts.

A sneak peek at some stash busting quilts.
I can still store any or all of the sections in my closet and hang a quilt instead.  I love how functional and versatile this is for me.

Note:  The differences in white between the old section and new sections of my design wall is due to the fact that the four foot section is purple board and the two foot sections are blue boards.  They were purchased at two different stores so I could get the widths I wanted in the one inch thick foam insulation board.



  1. That is a smart way to get more wall space when you need it. Thanks for the tips!

  2. What a fantastic way to be able to expand out to the size you need in andesign wall. I love how many options you have and that one board fits the corner perfectly.

  3. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brilliant! I really love that one board is cut to match the corner. I may have to think about how I can make this work in my situation. I'm not sure where I could store it, though. Hmmm...

  5. Jasmine, thank you for this post. Unless things change, we will be moving in to a new to us home hopefully by July or August. My quilting studio will double, plus I will have a full bedroom for storage and use. This will be one of my projects, as well as a cutting table.


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