Monday, November 7, 2016

Quilt Kisses Home Tour

Welcome to our home.  We have lived here for seven months now and we are loving it.  It is filled with love, laughter, and quilts.  In fact, it doesn't take very long once you walk in to realize that a crazy quilt lady lives here.  ;)  There are at least four quilts in my front living room.  

When you walk a little further into our home, you will see our great room.  Usually there are several more cuddle quilts laying around, but they have been put away for the sake of the photos.

We love how big and open this room is. For big gatherings we separate the sectional and can add three more six foot tables for lots of room to eat.  I love having a fire place and mantle where I can add a few seasonal decorations in the family room side.

I try to keep the kitchen as clean as you see it in these photos.  Here you can see my new-to-me kitchen table.  It is actually a little older than me and is a beautiful hand-me-down from my parents.

Between the kitchen and dining area is a hallway leading to the garage, half bath, laundry, and mudrooms.  I love walking past this quilt hanger my husband made where I display a different quilt every month. (Read more about them here and here.)

My laundry room houses one of my favorite quilts, Quilty Kisses.  I love how it brightens up the room.

Opposite the laundry room is my mudroom.  I think every home should have a place for shoes, coats, artwork, schoolwork, and a bench.  This is my secret to keeping my home as clutter free as possible.  There are three cubbies for each person in our family and one cubby with a bin for dirty socks.

On the opposite side of the house are some bedrooms.  Here is the master bedroom with lots of bright quilts.

My sweet husband has never complained about all of the pink and purple.  I still plan on making some blue table table toppers which will match my Modern Farmer's Wife quilt and add some more masculine color.

Monkey's bedroom is bright and fun.

I have shared a couple more photos of Monkey's bedroom here and here.

Panda's room is a haven for my Lego loving boy.

I have shared some more photos of Panda's bedroom here and here.

The landing at the top of the stairs houses more quilts, our library, and our family scrapbooks.

Cheetah's room is on one side.

And my craft room is on the other side.  (Read more about my craft room/studio here.)

We also have an unfinished basement with a play area.

On the other side of the quilt on the "wall,"  we also have what is known as the "quilt storage room."

I am sure these quilts will find a better display location once the basement is finished at some future date.  I am grateful my family appreciates quilts as much as I do.  I feel like they help create a cozy atmosphere.  When some friends visited and received a home tour, their seven year old daughter realized that the only rooms without quilts were the bathrooms. (My husband doesn't think I need to change that.)

We have come a long way in the last year since it was a hole in the ground and a bunch of swatches.

Thank you for stopping by!


P.S.  The paint color of my walls is Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams.  I love how it looks with all the quilts.


  1. So amazing to see your house again, I feel like I am there visiting you again!!!!!!!!! I still chuckle that my DH was counting your quilts as we toured your home, LOL

  2. What a happy, pretty house. Love all your quilts.

  3. Thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed taking the tour though your beautiful home!

  4. Your home is lovely! Thanks for giving us a tour. I cannot believe it has already been 7 months. It seems like you were just breaking ground. Enjoy creating lots of joy filled memories there :)

  5. How wonderful to get a home tour from afar. I love getting to see your beautiful quilts in use and knowing how appreciative your family is of your work is wonderful. :) Welcome home!

  6. Your quilts are beautiful and so is your home. I must admit after that tour I had to jump up and run my vacuum. Please tell me your house cleaning company had just left. ;-)

  7. lots of quilts ,Beautiful and lots of quilts and space! Love it!

  8. Thanks for the tour, you have such a lovely home!!

  9. Such a gorgeous home! It is filled with love and beautiful quilts. I raised three boys and my home NEVER looked that clean and organized. Admittedly it was my fault as I didn't have the sense to put in a mudroom. Maybe they hadn't been thought of yet--it's been a few years. :) How nice that would have been!
    Your quilts are beautiful. It's wonderful to see them used and loved.

  10. I love your house!!! Lots of room is important!
    Our house is also very big. cleaning it can be a chore, but you have to just keep up. and make sure everyone helps :-)
    Thank you for sharing your marvelous house

  11. Your home is beautiful, Jasmine! It is so bright and those quilts add so much charm and colour. My house never looks that clean, lol. Want to come visit and teach me all your secrets?

  12. Oh, your Shimmer quilt looks beautiful by the piano! Who plays, by the way? I hope you hear beautiful music every day. What a great mud room. It would make quite a difference in managing the day to day "stuff" we all have to deal with! I'm also glad you found a spot in the laundry room for Quilty Kisses. I was watching for it, and am happy it showed up!

  13. Rather fitting I'm catching up on your blog and the last post of those I haven't read is this one, on Thanksgiving! I love thinking about you in that huge kitchen/great room with all your family (hope you hosted it). Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with all of us. :-)

  14. Gosh time flys. It seems like yesterday you were waiting to move in. Your home looks wonderful :)

  15. Jasmine, you have an absolutely stunning home and have decorated it beautifully! I believe you are the most organized person I have ever known!!! That's a good thing!


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