Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March Decor

I enjoyed pulling out my green quilty decorations for March.  However, I realized that I don't have much that is green.  That is something I may need to work on.  ;)

My green bunting and daisies ended up on the mantle.  Autumn Race (folded to see the green backing) and an upside-down Christmas table runner ended up on the entertainment center.

Yeah, I definitely need more green quilts and runners.

My husband's new quilt, Snowy Pines, is hanging out in the family room for the month of March near the kite quilt.

On the kitchen table is another upside-down Christmas table topper.  I do like the flecks of gold on the fabric.

The living room stayed the same, but the upstairs landing looks more springy.  Irish Rose is on the wall, Spring Race is on the sofa, and a pastel table runner is on the cubbies.

Hopefully the weather will agree that it should be more spring-like and less snowy now.



  1. This makes me smile! Looking very Springy! I love using flip sides of tabletoppers.

  2. Everything looks perfect! I know all of your boys appreciate the special touches.
    Jasmine, you are such an inspiration

  3. Always fun to see your seasonal decorating! I don't have a lot of green either. In fact I only have one St. Patty's wall hanging(well actually 2-will blog about it on March 10th).

  4. I am so impressed! I still have Christmas decorations hanging around!! Oops!!

  5. You did a good job of sprinkling the green around the house!!


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