Friday, September 1, 2017

September Decor and More

I was enjoying the red, white, and blue decorations so much that I just barely switched them around. I love how the red, orange, and yellow combination brightens up my great room.

I realized that I don't have anything else in that color combination.  So I pulled out my old lace table topper.  My mom always used one just like it on this table when I was growing up.  It brings back lots of memories.

Although, it makes me want to stop everything and make something red, orange, and yellow.  ;)

I do have a back to school quilt which I hung.

It is sweet, but not as bright.

Most of what little sewing time I had this summer went to making baby gifts.  Here are ten more, mostly for baby boys.  They aren't quite as interesting as quilts.  ;)

Two were quilted by my mom on the Bernina Q24 and eight were quilted by me with my Baby Lock Tiara.  They all have Hobbs 80/20 batting.  Half were Franken-Batts.  It felt good to use up batting scraps.

I did all of the bindings.

Now I need to go deliver them.

I often wonder if I should simplify my baby gifts, but then I always go back to these sweet little flannel quilts that are about 42 by 54 inches.  They are fun to make.



  1. Flannel is such a soft and tactile thing for babies, too. You have been busy! I hope you have a great September.

  2. I love those flannel baby quilts - they are a perfect gift!

  3. I think the flannel quilts are great too! You really do need to make time for a fall quilt:)
    Camping this weekend? Wish I was, but didn't get the reservations made soon enough.

  4. The lace table topper is a great way to add to your decor, and it's fun that it brings back memories too :)

  5. Always love seeing the quilty seasonal d├ęcor you put in your home. :-)


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