Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Musical Rooms

Things have been very quiet here at the Quilt Kisses blog.  I have been spending a lot of time with family and any time in my quilting studio has been spent working on projects instead of blogging.  I hope to do some catching up now.  ;)

I come from a large family with eight children.  When my mom wanted a deep cleaning she would have us play "musical rooms," which was completely trading bedrooms with other siblings.  We would have to pull everything out of one bedroom, store it in the family room, then move everything from another bedroom into the now empty one.  Once that was settled, the items in the family room were put back into the now empty bedroom.  It was a lot of work, but everything would be cleaned from objects hiding under the bed to the deep recesses of the closets.  Kind of brilliant of my mother.

We have been playing some musical rooms at my house this year.  First because my mom broke her ankle and my father's hip replacement surgery was delayed a month.  Their home is two stories with their bedroom up the stairs.  We moved over a king size bed from their house so they could stay with us on the main floor for awhile.  It was fun having my parents here and even having an old quilt visit.  My mom pieced it when I was a teenager.  I added the borders and quilted it about 15 years ago.

Panda and Monkey moved their complete bedrooms into the basement.  (See, musical rooms.)

They both decided to put their bug jar quilts on their beds in their new bedrooms.  It is really the first time they have been used although I finished both quilts a few years ago.

While my parents were here, my niece Miss H came to stay with us for a week.  She stayed in our new guest room.

I did not make this cute quilt, it came as a bed-in-a-bag with the new furniture.  She brought her quilt with her when she stayed with us.

My sister did the handwork on the binding and I was able to get some nicer pictures outside.  I love the wild quilting she requested.

My parents are doing much better now.  My dad's hip and my mom's ankle are healing well and they are more mobile and back at their house.  Now, my sister-in-law and another nice are staying with us for a few months while their new house is being built.  My boys are having fun spending so much time with family.



  1. That's a beautiful quilt on your mom's bed. We play musical rooms here quite a bit though not lately. I promised my oldest I wouldn't move him anymore. I did move his roommate though!

  2. musical rooms, what an amazing concept, Jasmine. I mean from a clean up stand point, but also a great change of view. Oh I am sure it is a huge undertaking, but I am sure your mom had it down to a science.
    I am SO glad your mom and dad are doing well That makes me very happy.
    Family is the best, it is so good to share and give. Thank you for sharing your past few months. The quilts are lovely too. all of them.

    ...even the bed in a bag is not too shabby. interesting colors. I like your nieces quilt better. great picture.

  3. I love the concept of musical rooms; I would have really enjoyed doing that as a kid (and am pondering how to do it now, too - ha!). I'm so glad you were able to help your parents through some recovery and it is awesome that they are now back home. It's wonderful how close you are with family.

  4. No wonder you haven't had time to blog!! House guests especially for an extended period of time, is sure to throw off anyone's blogging efforts. Glad to hear Mom and Dad are doing better! Best of luck with houseguests, round two.

  5. Looking forward to seeing what you have been making while having all these house guests. You are a very generous person! I am sure your kids thought it was fun moving to their new room in the basement! Are they still rooming together?

  6. What a riot of colour in this post Jasmine! And what a riot of musical families nvm rooms LOL! Glad your parents are on the mend and the cousins are all having a blast.

  7. I’m glad your family is doing well and you get to spend time with them!

  8. Happy to hear your parents are healing up well. It was wonderful of you and your boys to have them in your home when they needed help.


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