Thursday, March 8, 2018

Pleasantly Purple

I made this quilt as a sample to hang at my local quilt shop.  It will advertise my new free-motion quilting class which is an intermediate level.  I will teach it for the first time in April. 

The layout for this FMQ sampler was inspired by one made by Amanda Murphy. 

I saw her quilt when I took a class from her last year.  I simplified it by just using a solid block, but liked how the sashings and borders had different designs. 

I quilted this on the Bernina Q24.  I used Amanda's method of quilting everything in the ditch to stabilize the quilt and then rolling back and forth to fill everything else in. 

The binding is the same dark purple as the cornerstones.  I stitched it to the back by hand and added a label. 

The backing is a lighter purple solid. 

It was a little nerve wracking quilting with a high contrast thread.  Every mistake shows, but I didn't do any unpicking. 

It doesn't look too bad from a distance.  ;)

In my class I will be teaching pebbles, spirals, paisleys, hearts, flowers, leaves, feathers, and combining designs.  I'm really looking forward to it. 


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out for more quilty inspiration. 


  1. This looks fantastic! Did you do any marking before you quilted or just do it by eye?

  2. The solids and quilt are a great way to showcase the quilting motifs and advertise your class. I am sure the students will learn a lot and I hope you have fun teaching it!

  3. Your quilt looks beautiful. I would love to take your class if I lived closer.

  4. It looks pretty darn good up close and personal too my friend! Yay for a new class, an intermediate one, and a sample in your favourite colour! THANK YOU! for saying that you stitched in the ditch (Angela does too, though as she goes) something I've always done on 99% of my quilts. Makes for nice smooth backs. The one currently on the longarm was done Amanda's way, though I didn't put too much ditch-stitching because it's a circular quilt! Still 4-5 as long as I could without going into background lines helped immensely, especially since the back is another favourite of yours, Minky! (that I had to piece...)

  5. There you go, showing off as usual :-) Lucky students who get to learn from you.

  6. The designs show up so nicely on the solid with contrasting thread- a no brainer for you class teaching.

  7. Spectacular quilting job. You have certainly mastered that longarm!!

  8. Good luck with your class (if it hasn't happened already...I'm a little behind in my blog reading!). Your freemotion skills are wonderful and it's great that you want to pass on some of your knowledge.

  9. Your quilting is amazing!!!! I agree....a great class example too. You are sure to inspire new quilters!!

  10. miss you, hope all is well at your house. We know that it had been hectic for you but it's not like you to go that long without posting.


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