Thursday, October 15, 2020

Four Patch Quilt Top

I cut this quilt out shortly after cutting out the four wedding quilts. 

It was cut with the 2.5 inch multiple square AccuQuilt die.  It is made from 100% scraps.  

I started sewing the yellow and orange squares to a white square as a leader and ender project while piecing some of the wedding quilts.  But I couldn't wait that long to finish it up, so it took over as the main project after making all the pillows.  

The colored squares were originally five inch squares, so there are two of every single four patch.  I tried something new and swirled my seams on the back.  I quickly learned that you had to be careful how you sewed your pairs together or they could swirl in opposite directions.  I think I only had five which swirled the wrong way.  

After making all the yellow, orange, and red four patches I put them up on the design wall.  

It was so much fun watching the rainbow grow with each color on the design wall.  Pink came next.  

Next came purple.  By the time I got to purple I started putting the lighter four patches towards the center of the rows.  

Then came blue.  

It was followed by teal.  

Last came green and some shuffling to make everything line up correctly.  

I loved how it was looking.  It has fourteen columns across and seventeen rows down.  That is 952 squares sewn into 238 four patches.  

The quilt seemed to shrink a lot when the four patches were sewn into columns.  

Here is the quilt top finished and waiting for white batting. 

 It will have a teal minky on the back.  I can't wait to finish it up.  



  1. It's beautiful! Scrap quilts are my favorite and this one doesn't disappopint!

  2. So pretty. How are you hanging your design wall?

  3. I can see why this took over as the primary project. What a great use of scraps!

  4. I love the lighter colours in the middle. It makes it look like it's glowing :) The whole quilt is gorgeous!

  5. Love, love, LOVE you're new rainbow quilt, Jasmine!!!


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