Monday, May 12, 2014

A Quilt Display and Show

I was volunteered by one of my church leaders to have a display at our Stake Arts Festival last Saturday night.  It was a professional talent night with live performances and displays.  I was humbled that people thought of me as a professional quilter, because I don't feel like I am one.  Other displays included professional photographers, painters, a saddle maker, and another quilter. 

Even though it was stressful, I enjoyed the experience talking about quilting to lots of people.  As part of my display I showed what the three layers of a quilt looked like.

 I made the doll quilt out of scraps on Friday afternoon.  I look forward to quilting it using one of my long arm rulers.  I really enjoy trying out new quilting designs on small projects. 

I also had a basket of fun, smaller projects.  There were wall hangings, table runners, and doll quilts in my basket (Some were hiding in the back). 

It was nice to have a few examples of quilting with the walking foot.  I showed them to someone thinking about making a quilt without free motion quilting.  She said, "But I don't think I could quilt that straight." 

It was fun to pull out this table runner telling her that she doesn't have to quilt straight.  I loved hearing her say, "Okay.  I could do that." 

Knowing that one of my friends (who has only made two quilts before) wants help making a larger quilt made all the effort worth it! 

This fun evening came after an amazing day spent in the Salt Lake City area with my family.  After visiting an aquarium together, my sweet husband dropped me off at the Home Machine Quilting Show.  He then took the boys to the Lego Store. 

I didn't have much time to spend there, but I was able to do what I really wanted.  I visited booths for some of my favorite quilt shops, purchased items for Princess from Handi Quilter, and bought thread from Superior Threads. 

I only had twenty-five minutes to rush through the quilt display.  I am totally in awe of the talent other quilts have and received much inspiration from their quilts.  I especially loved Judi Madsen's trunk show.  Here are some pictures of my favorite quilt she displayed. 

Knowing I love simple quilts, is it any wonder that one of my favorite quilts was this chevron? 

Next year I hope that my mother will be able to go with me to the HMQS.  I sure could have spent more than one and a half hours there.  But, it was still worth going even for such a short amount of time.  :) 

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  1. Beautiful display, Jasmine! I know that your church family was blessed by your gifts!

  2. Looks great! It is fun to see what others think of quilts and quilting. I have seen some of Judi's work up close - amazing!

  3. Nice display. Some fab quilts on those pics. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What an awesome display, Jasmine! Your work always looks professional to me! I just bought Judi's new book - Irish Lass is in the book - how cool to see it in person!!

  5. So cool and sooo glad you shared your display with us! I would have been nervous too but would have so loved doing it at the same time, LOL I am really glad you got a little time at HMQS-too bad I don't live closer I would have went in a heartbeat!!

  6. Your display looks great. I love that you're taking the time to share how a quilt is made. You just might have encouraged a few new people, to give it a try. Thanks for sharing a few of your favourite quilts, at the show. Judi's quilting is awe-inspiring.

  7. What a lovely display you put together. I'm not surprised you were asked to present :) YOu seem to have made good use of your short time at the quilting show too.

  8. Oh! Jasmine, you even took pictures of Irish Lass!!! My goodness, I'm so flattered by your compliment on my quilting, especially now that I see you did examine Judi's quilt up close and personal! Thank you! Your quilt display looks fantastic, and I echo Jo's comment about it being inspirational and encouraging for others to see everything you offered. Smart of you to bring a sample of the layers.

  9. What a fantastic display for a show. And, it sounds like you were able to get some really great interaction with people curious about quilting.

  10. That was a great display of quilts you put on there. When are you going to display at the Home Machine Quilting Show; next year, maybe?

  11. You are a gifted quilter, Jasmine. And it is nice to hear that you were able to encourage someone who is interested in trying out some quilting. Yes, Judy Madsen is very talented.... But you are on your way!

  12. What a great display and I love that you included a "how it's made" example as part of it. All quilters are ambassadors for our shared passion. Like you showed, we all have something to share with others, encouraging them to try it out!

    1. Ditto about the how it's made example...and how fun that you got to display your quilts like this...that would feel so neat!!! Thanks for much for sharing at Tuesday Archives!!

  13. Awesome Post! The quilts are wonderful and how fun to participate.


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