Friday, May 23, 2014

My New Cuddle Quilt

~Plus~ My Favorite Binding Tip

I just finished this awesome cuddle quilt for me.  :)  I will be honest and say that originally it was going to be for my brother.  However, I decided it was too feminine and looked great in my craft room. 

So I decided to keep it!  But don't worry, I went to the quilt shop and bought new fabric for my brother.  More masculine with some butterflies thrown in.  (My brother told me that he loves butterflies.)  His favorite colors are black, silver, and burgundy.  Black, white and burgundy are as close as I can get.  Burgundy is my second favorite color after purple. 

When the fabric was all on sale (including the minky), I realized it was meant to be. 

Besides, the quilt matches this skirt I made a year and a half ago.   It is based on this tutorial, but I made it a little longer and tapered it in. 

It also matches this bag I made a year ago. 

Enough justification?  I think so.  Besides, as my husband said, it is my fabric and I can do what I want with it!  ;)

I started the quilt by moving my sewing cabinet out of the way, meaning in front of the closet.  Then I put everything up on my design wall. 

I arranged the diagonal rows alternating white with black and black with white.  I like the effect.  The piecing went very fast, because these squares all finish at 6 inches.  I put a super soft, super thick minky on the back.  Then quilted it in the ditch vertically to follow the grain on the minky. 

Because the minky is so thick, I decided to use a three inch cut binding.  While I was at it, I thought it would be good to show you my favorite binding tip to get mitered corners.  Please note that I usually use a walking foot or the built in dual feed on my Pfaff.  In these pictures I am using the dual feed.  Also, this is not meant to be a complete binding tutorial, I just wanted to show you my favorite tip. 

I actually use a square Post-it note folded to make a HST.  I line it up on the edge of the quilt like this. 

Then I sew right up to the edge of the triangle and stop with my needle down. 

I back stitch, move the quilt, and make the pinch to turn the corner.  Then I start sewing right at the edge.  Sometimes I remember to back stitch. 

This is what it looks like on the other side. 

When I sew the binding down on the top I trim the corner a little bit then pin down the binding at the corner.  One side usually works better than the other to lay down first. 

This is what it looks like all finished. 

I actually came up with this at my friend's house.  I used to use a ruler with a 45 degree angle, draw a line, and sew to the line.  Well, when I was helping my friend I didn't have a ruler.  We tried to think of ways to make a 45 degree angle and came up with the Post-it.  Necessity really was the mother of invention.  Now I use a Post-it all. the. time. 

Here is the quilt all finished.  I totally love it, in case you couldn't tell. 

Quilt Stats #105
Name:  My Cuddle Quilt
Pattern: 6" finished patchwork squares
Quilting design:  Stitch in the ditch vertically
Fabric:  Misc. black and white scraps plus a solid from my stash
Backing:  Ultra soft Minky
Amount Used:  7 yards
Batting:  Warm and White
Size:  About 60 x 72
Date Finished:  May 2014
What I learned: 
  • It is okay to keep a quilt.  ;)
  • I like white batting with white background fabric. 
I am not the only one who loves this quilt in my house.  As soon as I lay it on the floor, this happens. 

And this also happens. 

Which is awesome, because this quilt was definitely made to be loved. 


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  1. It is beautiful and it looks like it is going to be well loved. I'm going to have to try your binding trick, I'm always trying to mark mine and it never works out quite right.

  2. I typically use 3" wide binding strips ironed in half myself (so it's fun to know I'm not the only one!). That is a great tip for the post-it note. I usually stop about 4-6" away from a corner and finger fold/finger press the fabric around the corner so I can see where to stop stitching, but sometimes I sew a little to far and end up having to cut thread and re-sew the corner. This method will help me a lot! Thanks! The quilt does look fantastic in your room and I love the photos of your boys cuddling on it, too. :)

  3. Your boys are adorable, Jasmine! Great quilt, haven't come across much burgundy - it works really well with the black and white. Cool tip ... will still be a little while before I'm at the binding stage of any of my quilts but I'll give this a try!

  4. Beautiful finish! I agree, much too girly for your brother, it really should be just for you :) Your boys look too cute playing on it!

  5. A quilt for you? Brilliant :) That post-it note tip is great - thanks! I sew to that same point but using the post-it to take the guess work out of it is genius.

  6. Great tip Jasmine! I believe everyone is on your page with keeping this quilt!! LOL!

  7. I love the colors in this quilt. They work perfectly with the pattern. And thanks for sharing the binding tip.

  8. That is a great tip, thanks for sharing it! I too love purple, so glad you get to keep it, it looks awesome in your quilting room!

  9. Fun! It's never a bad idea to keep what you make. lol. and thanks for the tip!

  10. Great tip! I just eyeball it, but sometimes I stitch a little too far. I'll give this a try next time.

  11. Your husband cracks me up! Good guy that one! And your skirt is fun to make one of those to ear for teaching I think...and like everyone else, thanks a bunch for the tip! I wrote it down in hopes to add some consistency to my corners...LOL!!! I hope!

  12. Beautiful quilt, Jasmine! Your boys are adorable also! Congrats on your winning over at Amy's Free Motion Quilting Adventures! Let me know if you like them! I may end up buying them!

  13. Love your binding tip . . . and your quilt!

  14. I totally love this quilt too! I don't think my brother would have gotten it, either. Just tell him that the one you're making for him is well worth the wait. Thanks for the cool tips. I'll definitely give them a try on my next binding.

  15. I love this quilt and the black/white/pink one you have on your wall. I think you made some good picks on the geometric and mustache black and white fabrics for your brother's quilt. I look forward to seeing it!


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