Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Have a Quilt Ladder!

I am so happy to say that I now have a quilt ladder in my family room!

This was a project for the entire family:  Daddy built it. Cheetah helped drill the holes.  Panda gathered the extra wood.  Monkey blew off the sawdust from the freshly drilled holes.  Mommy documented it and vacuumed.

Hubby wanted to build it out of oak to make it strong in case any of the boys decided to climb on it.  (They have been instructed not to, but you never know with my busy boys.)

Don't we all need another place to store display 6-8 more quilts?

How many quilts do you think are out in my family room now?  NINETEEN!  I was a little worried about being a crazy quilt lady with padded walls.  I hoped I didn't need the straight jacket to go with it.  Luckily, Sandra reassured me that I would be more in need of the straight jacket if I wasn't quilting, so I'm good.  Right?

One wall hanging, two table runners, and six bed size quilts are over on this side.

Two bed quilts and a minky-backed lap quilt are over here.  (Easy access to the minky is a must!)

Two more bed quilts and a table runner are in the middle.

Four bed quilts and three lap quilts are over here.  (Plus some blankets are hiding in that cream cube in front of the ladder.)

And Christmas Addition is thrown over the sofa for the easiest access.  (Even if I hide this Christmas quilt  with the blankets, Cheetah finds it and wants it kept out.)

19 quilts out in the family room doesn't even count the ones stored in the game closet.  Most of those are seasonal quilts I just take out for a little while. I'm not taking a picture of that, so how about one more view of the family room?  Hopefully all the quilts just make my room seem even cozier and more inviting.  :D

I will be using my ladder the way it is for another talent display at church, then I will stain the oak a darker color.

I did take pictures along the way.  Is anyone interested in a tutorial for making this hinged quilt ladder?


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun linkys on my sidebar.  Check them out to see what other quilters are up to.


  1. The quilts definitely make your living room seem cozier and more inviting! The ladder fits so perfectly in the corner, and I love how involved your whole family is in this process. :)

  2. I think all the quilts make your living room awesome! I would use a different one every evening. They all need to feel the love of course! ;)

  3. You have lots of quilt storage in your living room! I want something like that cabinet you have. And the ladder! Your boys did a fantastic job! I love that it is two in one. Perfect fit for your corner. Lucky girl!

  4. Lots of lovely quilts. I have been trying to persuade Hubby to make me a quilt ladder so a tutorial might just clinch the deal....please! x

  5. Wow! I love that it fits in the corner and holds 6 quilts! It's nice that it doesn't have to lean into the room. Beautiful display of quilts! I'd be happy to participate in the creative space tag, but I wouldn't have anyone to tag :( Sorry!

  6. I love it! It's so fun that it was a project for the whole family, and that the whole family takes such an interest in your quilting and that everyone enjoys the quilts so much.

  7. What a great way to store and show off some quilts! I am super impressed at 19 quilts! I have 5.5 quilts in my livingroom as I type (one is a quicky fleece and flannel blanket for my daughter's toddler bed).

  8. I love your ladder. A tutorial would be great, I would give it to my SIL and maybe I would receive a ladder for Christmas from him.

  9. This is great, it fits perfectly in that corner, well done Quilt Kisses family!!

  10. I do! I do! Want a tutorial, that is. OK, and a larger living room to fit the ladder in :) I love seeing all your quilts out, and I love that your kids have some favourites that they want to keep out and use. No such thing as a crazy quilt lady, only sane quilt ladies. As Sandra said, quilting is good for our mental health!

  11. It's awesome, Jasmine! Totally fantastic! Whose idea was that? Yours or hubby's? It's perfect and be glad you can make all those quilts! They are beautiful!

  12. Oh how wonderful and what a great family project Jasmine!
    Your family room looks so warm and welcoming with all those quilts! Sandra's comment really cracked me up too.

  13. Well, you know I already told you that I just want to jump into that photo, throw myself in that comfy sectional, bury myself in a couple of quilts, for sure a minky-backed one in the mix, and watch a movie. And yes, I'd love a tutorial, great idea to think of taking pics. Maybe I can spur my husband into making his defence, he does so many other things...and I want him to make me a pressing station like Lara's husband did for her...still... Thank you!

  14. I love your new quilt ladder....and'd be crazy without quilting. Keep going girl!

  15. of course you needed a ladder! Of course it has to be kid ready! The family that builds together stays together! Leeanna

  16. It is totally awesome that your whole family got involved and built you such a wonderful rack! Of course I love that you have so many quilts in that room!! The rack reminds me of an upscale version I have for displaying my runners on at the craft shows :-)


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