Friday, May 29, 2015

My Creative Space

Welcome to my creative space, which I normally call my craft room.  I was tagged by Preeti who blogs at Sew Preeti Quilts as part of the Creative Space Tag.  And I am tagging Val who blogs at Val's Quilting Studio.  So look for her post on her creative space next week.  :)

Not much has changed in my craft room in the last year, because I really am loving the set-up.  If you would like to see what my room was like in 2014, you can check out this post.  If you would like to see what it was like in 2013, you can check out this post.

The main change in my craft room is the addition of the whiteboard near my Tiara quilting machine.

I love having it there, because I can warm-up for FMQ by drawing my design at the same size I will quilt it.  Then I can refer back to it while quilting.

I have also taken down the decorations on the shelf above my quilt, and added rainbow scrap storage.  I love having my scraps organized by color.

I am now used to having the cutting table behind my sewing chair.  (Although one of the flaps has broken off, and this is now as big as my table gets.)  I really love having access to three sides of my cutting table.

I usually work on one project at a time, so my design wall (a queen size flat flannel sheet) sometimes seems really empty.  My plan is to add a rod above it which I can hang quilts from.  I really want to have "Floating" hanging up in here when the design wall is not being used.

And just so you know, this is NOT my creative space...

That is my dumping space, and what my craft room looks like when I haven't been working on projects in there for a couple weeks.  I am unable to create when my room gets messy.  I had to clean it up just so I could add the binding to that blue quilt you can see on the floor (finish post coming soon).  Having it clean to take pictures was just an added bonus.  ;)

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So be sure to watch for Val's post next week... But while you are waiting, you can check out Shannon's space here and Penny's space here.  


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  You can check them out to see what other quilters are up to.


  1. It's very nice and well organized, I remember seeing it in a previous post. I totally understand the advantage of being able to use the three sides of the cutting table ... I love the idea of the whiteboard to warm-up for your FMQ. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Your room looks great! I have to have mine clean to sew also.

  3. I am looking over all the previous posts that I missed and there is too much to say! I love your room. Your quilting on an earlier quilt is just lovely, you have so many new and fun things. I have missed a lot being away from the quilting blog world. Your blog looks awesome!

  4. Taking a few minutes blog hopping for a bit of normalcy tonight. I always love seeing your space-especially with a little mess-even though I wouldn't call that a mess!!

  5. Funny, I am unable to create when my sewing room is cleaned up! Your room looks very organized-I can see why you get so much done. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh my - it's wonderful Jasmine and I do remember loving your setup before! You have organization down to a science. Your life size FMQ drawing practice technique is so smart and having the whiteboard to refer to is a great idea!
    I'm so glad you posted the list because right off the bat I can see I missed
    Preeti - the time just snuck past me. And I'm very much looking forward to seeing Val's!

  7. I like how serene but functional your space looks, and it's very pretty with your B&W quilt hanging there. I totally get not being able to create when the workroom is messy - I'm the same way.

  8. I really like seeing the spaces others work in, and yours is so well organized. It looks like a wonderful place to spend time in!

  9. Isn't it great to have your room in a set up that really works for you? Takes awhile to get it there but so worth the time and effort in the end. I need my space clean to start a project. . . but when I am in the middle, the place is a mess! :)

    Thanks for listing everyone to date, I have missed a couple myself.

  10. Love that you showed a "keepin' it real" pic! I agree with Judy, great idea and thank you for listing all the spaces so far; somehow I missed Preeti's! Heading over there now. I also think "Floating" will be a FABULOUS dahhling addition to hang over your sometimes empty design wall. Mine NEVER is empty; I even have a photo someone took at school of me pinned on one side, a photo I love, and oh, a couple other WIPs and inspiration here and there! ha.

  11. Hi...I read earlier where you said it was the second largest bedroom in the house...I can't get a sense of the looks as though it must be a huge room. Would you tell me what size room it is? I'd love to have a space like this....I actually use 2 bedrooms as my sewing space(s) since my children have grown up and moved away...but they are not organized and I think that's just what I need to do---get organized. Thanks so much...I've so enjoyed reading your posts---I started at the beginning and have been catching up. I especially love the posts about you and your mom collaborating. I lost mine last year and truly miss sewing with her. Blessings....

  12. You are blessed with a wonderful "craft room", Jasmine. Wish I had room for a center cutting table but I love mine too. Enjoy quilting!

  13. What a fantastic space to create in! And you have it so wonderfully organized!

  14. that was fun! Can you reach those scraps easily? I use mine so much I must have them right at easy reach. The space looks conducive to making quilts, so you've hit on the right items at the right places?? Cool. LeeAnna

  15. Great idea with the whiteboard - I could do with that. Love that you can cut on 3 sides too.

  16. I loved seeing your sewing room being used!! I also like your whiteboard idea!!

  17. I just figured out why FMQ is so difficult for me...I can't draw! :[


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