Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Stash Busting for a Good Cause

{A Picture Heavy Post}

20 quilt tops and backs ready to be basted.
I am so happy to share with you a proud mama moment.  :)  Cheetah is now a Life Scout in the Boy Scouts of America and is working on his Eagle Scout Project.  What is so special to me is the fact that he wanted to make quilts for other children because he knows how much a handmade quilt means to him.  He has chosen to donate 20 crib quilts to our local Project Linus.

I have had so much fun going through my older stash and putting together these quilt tops and backs which I will be donating to his Eagle Scout Project.  Some of these are from scraps and some from yardage.  I estimate there is about 70 yards of fabric represented here (hence the stash busting in my title.)

I figure that people could have donated 1.5 yard pieces to make a quilt like this...

Or I could donate a 1.5 yard quilt top (or 20).  It was cheaper donating the quilt tops because I already had the fabric and this allowed me to use it up for a good cause.  It didn't make a dent in my stash.  It took a chunk out of my stash! ;)

All quilt tops are made with 80 five inch cut squares and a three inch cut border.  They all finish at 41.5 x 50.5 inches.  You can click on any picture to see it bigger.

Flannel Pastels 1

Flannel Pastels 2

Pastel Scraps 1

Pastel Scraps 2

Eye Spy Matching {My Favorite}

Pretty Christmas 1

Pretty Christmas 2

Purple, Green, and Blue

Button Button

Country Solids

Pink Scraps

Blue Scraps

Flannel Trains {Monkey's Favorite}

Primary Rainbow

Blue and Green {Panda's Favorite}

Pink, Purple, and Blue Batiks

Scrappy Batiks 1

Scrappy Batiks 2
Teal Brights 1

Teal Brights 2 {Cheetah's Favorite}
I will be posting a tutorial later this week showing how I pieced the quilts in diagonal rows (the tube method).  But I wonder, which one is your favorite?  Do you like the scrappy or the planned quilts best?

 A big part of the Eagle Scout Project is showing leadership skills.  Cheetah now has lots of organizing to do in order to get these finished.  It is up to him to set up times and get volunteers to prepare the quilts for tying.  Then he will set up times to get all these quilts tied.  I will help with whatever he asks, but my part is finished.


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out for lots of fun quilty inspiration.


  1. Ok this is funny(or not)-as I looked at each picture, I didn't read the caption right away, I said oh I like this one every time on ones that you and your boys liked best!! Hat's off to you both for all the work for a great cause.

  2. I guess I'm just an old fuddyduddy stuck in her ways but I like planned layouts better than random...my favorite is also Cheetah's favorite...the teal! What a proud momma you must be to have him demonstrate such compassion and generosity. Give yourself (and your DH) a pat on the back for a job well-done...children are out future and the world needs more children like him. Blessings....

  3. Way to go....you did a great job, Mom! Hard to pick a favorite....probably the teal one, but they are all super. wonderful life example and memory.

  4. They all look fantastic! What a great project by a special boy.
    (And a big Hurray for using up some of that stash. Makes more room for something new!)

  5. congratulations for being such a successful role model. Great job on your part of the project. Looking forward to seeing the finished tied quilts.

  6. Both of my brothers are eagle scouts, and I helped with their and other's projects over the years. How neat that he chose something quilty! Is he planning to do tie quilts like the in the first photo? I like the planned quilts better than the scrappy--but the scrappy ones with novelty prints are fun too!

  7. Great choice on giving away quilts! It's a ministry close to my heart!

  8. This is so awesome!! My husband was an Eagle Scout. Make sure you post some pictures of the tying process, I would love to see that. :-) 

  9. love love love this post! What a wonderful task he has undertaking. I like the scrappy versions best but they are all wonderful!

  10. wow! You've been so generous with your supplies and time. Love them all!

  11. Well done Eagle Project that Cheeta has chosen. This is such a great cause. God bless him on his path ahead in life.
    Your quilts are beautiful. I cannot pick a favorite. They are each just lovely as they are.
    I should do this. I have donated so much fabric bc I don't have time like I used to :-p but these would be great for the local fire station, or nursing facility as well.

  12. Wow! What a mama! Twenty quilts!?!? Sounds like you have a real leader on your hands. Nice job, Jasmine.

  13. Way to go, Cheetah! And what an we some donation from you as well, Jasmine. These are going to be such treasured quilts.

  14. Congratulations on the stash busting for a great cause, Jasmine! And how wonderful that Cheetah will be in charge of getting all those pretty quilts tied. They are all nice, and I am naturally drawn to the blue scraps one, but I have to say the Eye Spy Matching is my favourite, too!

  15. Wow Jasmine that is fantastic - you both must be so proud of all the work - best of luck to Cheetah in the eagle scout project!

  16. What an absolutely wonderful idea. Good for both you and Cheetah.

  17. Yay, Cheetah! :) As I was looking at each one I thought, "this is my favorite" and then look at the next, "no this one" and on down the line - they are all really great! I think I have to agree with Cheetah, Teal Brights 2 is pretty spectacular :)

  18. Wow you have some awesome fabrics in your stash! 70 yards here!! Woo hoo! Think the scrappy batik ones are my favourite, but I also love Pretty Christmas 1.

  19. This is great Jasmine. Way to go Cheetah!


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