Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Caught: A Finished Quilt

September was a crazy busy month with soccer, colds, and helping Cheetah.  So I am extra happy to have finished this quilt.  It is my only quilt finish for the month of September.  I used it for demonstrating in my MORE Free-Motion Quilting Class, so I decided to finish quilting it on my domestic sewing machine.

Because I teach others to quilt on their domestic sewing machine, I find it very helpful to occasionally quilt with mine.  I remembered that even if I quilt at this machine's top speed, my hands are still moving fairly slow.  :)

Taking inspiration from the green fabrics in this quilt, I quilted with loops and leaves across the green sections.

I quilted a stretchy meander across the bug jar stripe to keep the quilting more simple.  I stitched in the ditch between the green and the jars.

I used a slightly darker green for the binding to continue the ombre look.

I cut the three center stripes at 8.5 inches and the outer stripes at 9.25 inches to maximize the width of the quilt.  The bugs were cut out at 10 inches.

It is the second time I have used this pattern for a simple baby quilt.  The first was the "April Showers Bring May Flowers" quilt.

Kind of fun seeing the same pattern in boy and girl colors.

The back of the quilt is more of the bug jar fabric.

I decided to name the quilt "Caught" because all of the bugs have been caught, and none can be found in the green grass.

If I thought ahead, I would have quilted one bug in the grass and called it "Escaped" instead.  Lol.

**I decided to make another quilt and call it "Escaped."  Check out this post for more details.  

Quilt Stats #166
Quilt Name:  Caught
Pattern:  Simple quarter yard stripes
Fabric:  Greens and bug jar from my stash
Amount Used: 3.5 yards
Batting: Hobbs 80/20
Size:  About 41 x 50 inches
Date Finished: September 2015
What I Learned:

  • Quilting on my small domestic machine is still fun!

P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out for lots of quilty inspiration.


  1. Simple and fun. Especially wonderful that it was a stash buster!

  2. Oh my, I think you really should make another version now. Your idea for "escaped" is so fun! :)

  3. Another great finish! Good for you for finding that cute quilt in your stash.

  4. Oh yeh I like the Escaped name, make another, hehe! Or maybe you can applique a bug on the green?

  5. Love this happy quilt Jasmine! I snickered when you said how you could have made "Escaped"!! Hold onto that thought! I really do like the ombre look of this one. Funny I was just thinking that it is good to quilt from time to time on my DSM (I went back in and added quilting after I'd taken Wings off the frame) and I too noticed that I have to move my hands slower! This style of quilt would totally work for those large prints one hesitates to cut into...I may have one or two...

  6. I adore all those bugs and the name is perfect. Congrats on another beautiful finish.

  7. Love this quilt - great to see same quilt in different colourways.

  8. So simple yet so fun! Just love the very cute bug fabric and the ombre look. Thanks for sharing and the inspiration.

  9. Your quilting is wonderful! Good for you.

  10. Oh what lovely even quilting in your swirls, it looks fantastic:)

  11. Fantastic quilting. I attended a workshop on FMQ two weeks ago. I am really enjoying this at the moment. Your FMQ design looks great on the green fabric. Well done on your finish.

  12. I always enjoy seeing your quilting!


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