Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Week ~ Day 1

Things have been a little quiet around here.  It is not because I haven't been sewing, but rather that I have sewn so much and spent so much wonderful time with family that I haven't had computer time.  I have decided to make the time to share at least the seasonal items I have made in the last month.  I hope to share one project a day this week.  :)

This first is a very special quilt because my sister-in-law JoAnn pieced it many years ago.  She was very new to quilting  and had just joined the local quilt guild.  She made a Christmas block and entered it into their monthly drawing and won all the blocks.  They challenged her to sew them together quickly and share it at their next meeting and she did.  One of the blocks is dated 1991, so I think she pieced this 26 years ago. 

Back then she and my mom hand quilted everything (very slowly) so she never quilted this.  After she passed away it sat hidden in my mom's closet.  I saw it earlier this year and decided to finish it up.  Now, the only challenge is that my mom and I both want the quilt.  We have decided that we will rotate years who gets to host JoAnn's Christmas Tree quilt. 

I loaded this on the Bernina Q24 and debated what thread to use and how to quilt it.  I wavered back and forth between an all over quilting design and custom quilting.  Knowing that this will really only be used one month of the year, the all over quilting won out.  Call me crazy, but I actually decided to use a metallic gold thread for the quilting. 

I tested the thread out on a small practice then moved to the big, queen size quilt. (About 90 inches square.)  I thought I was going to go crazy after the fifth time the thread snapped, but then noticed that it was twisting at the beginning of the threading path.  I simply skipped the second hook at the top.  Having the thread go up and then down rather than up, across and down helped so much!  It solved my thread tangling and breaking problem.  (The bobbin thread is a golden tan thin cotton which blends with the metallic gold color.)

Needless to say I was relieved when it came off my frames. 

I raided my mom's stash for the perfect binding.  I found a dark green with tiny metallic gold flecks. 

Most of the backing came from my mom's stash as well.  It is a cute Hoffman Christmas Village print. 

It wasn't wide enough so I added a strip of dark green left over from the backing of my Autumn Race quilt.  I love how the quilt turned out and all the sweet memories it brings. 

My boys love looking at all of the different blocks.  I love the glitter from the metallic thread. 

I put it on my bed to see how it would look and couldn't bear to move it.  So it has stayed on my bed since I finished it last month. 

I'll be back tomorrow with another finished Christmas quilt. 


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out for more quilty inspiration. 


  1. Very pretty and it looks great on your bed!

  2. What a treasure, Jasmine! The binding is perfect and I love that it has metallic flecks to compliment the thread. And great way to find a solution to your thread breaking. I think sharing the quilt with your mom means it will just have that much love poured into and out of it. :)

  3. That is a gorgeous quilt. I'm glad you and your Mom could agree on joint custody!

  4. There are some great vintage blocks in your quilt. What a fun design!

  5. Your SIL is looking down smiling that the quilt is now finished and you and your mom will get to enjoy it. It turned out just beautiful.

  6. There is just one thing missing in this post - the quilt models!!!
    Joint custody - now that is a mature way of solving sticky issues.

  7. Apparently, YOU were ready for Christmas. Wonderful job on rescuing your aunt's UFO!! Sharing the quilt with your mom by taking turns through the years is a great way to honor the quilt's original maker. Enjoy your turn!!

  8. It's wonderful that this quilt is now finished and being enjoyed! I love that you used metallic thread for the quilting, and that the binding has metallic flecks too :)

  9. Fab, fab, FABULOUS! Cue the choir. You know I said (because I'm going back in time LOL) that this was my favourite of all your Christmas décor, and now I know the story behind it. Just so very precious. So glad you persevered and figured out how to get the metallic to work; I will remember that when I use it on my HQ; my Bernina sews great with it with a little tweaking.

  10. Absolutely beautiful!!!
    It's even more beautiful "in person"
    Wish there was a pattern for it!


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