Monday, February 12, 2018


After finishing my Christmas Decoration projects, my goal was to make several draw string bags to give as personalized gifts.  Then I was going to relax and enjoy the Christmas Season and time with family.  Oh, how quickly my plans changed.

First, my mom's friend had a "batting question" for me.  Turns out she really had four queen size sheet quilts she wanted me to make for her to give as Christmas gifts.  She asked before Thanksgiving, and I said I could do it.  I finished all of these in less than three days.

Next, my husband's boss asked if I could make a quilt for someone we all knew and appreciated whose wife just died.  I said I would be happy to do that.   I thought I could get to it after Christmas, but it turned out that they really wanted it done before Christmas.  So, I selected a simple design (inspired by this gorgeous quilt) and got it done quickly.

Next, my mother-in-law wanted to make a wedding quilt for my niece who just got married.  She originally planned on working on it after Christmas.  However, once she found out that said niece and new husband would be visiting for Christmas, she decided she really wanted to give it to her then.  So amidst everything else I was doing, I was helping her with calculations, cutting, planning, and sewing.  The quilt top was finished before Christmas, and the quilting was done after Christmas, but before everyone flew home.

Is anyone noticing a pattern here?

Then, my mom told me that one of my nieces was moving, but had been unable to finish her first quilt.  She had pieced the blocks.  Would I finish it up?  Before Christmas when someone planned on visiting her and could deliver it personally?  Um... okay.

All of that was done before Christmas while we also got ready for hosting several family dinners.  My family came on December 22, and we had 46 people come for dinner.  Thank goodness it was an open house dinner and not everyone was there at the same time. On Christmas Eve, my husband's family came for breakfast to celebrate my mother-in-law's birthday.  We had 18 people come then.  On Christmas Day we had 27 people from my husband's family come for dinner.  It was truly magical because all of his family (except for two Mormon missionaries) were there.  It was the first time in 17 years the family from New Hampshire and Germany were here together.

My sweet niece, Miss S, who was visiting asked if we could make time to finish a jelly roll race quilt that she had already pieced.  Of course, I made time to quilt with her.  She is such a sweetheart!  We finished this on December 27.

In the beginning of January I was finally able to quilt my niece, Miss H's first quilt.  She had brought it to me back in November and waited patiently for me to get to it.  It has wild quilting all over it.  I added the binding by machine to the top, and her mom (my sister) will sew it to the back by hand.  I hope to then get some better pictures of it.

After all of that I took a three week break from quilting.  I was exhausted and little burnt out.  Deadline sewing is not my favorite, but I couldn't say no to any of these projects for friends and loved ones.

So is it any wonder why my word for 2018 is to Simplify?  I hope to eventually write a post for each of these projects so you can see more pictures, but I'm not making any promises.  ;)

Knowing how I don't like deadline sewing, the crazy thing is that it took another deadline for me to get back to the sewing machine.  In April I will be teaching an intermediate Free-Motion Quilting class at my local quilt shop.  (I am still frequently teaching my basic Free-Motion Quilting class.) I needed to make a sample they could hang at the shop to advertise my new class.  I call it "Pleasantly Purple."

I want to thank my friends for thinking of me and for checking up on me during my blogging break.  As you can see, I was just so busy (and then so exhausted) creating and spending time with family that something had to give.  I really hope things slow down and I can get back to blogging more regularly.



  1. Everything is beautiful! You've gotten a lot finished in the last 2 months. A nice break was well earned!

  2. Phew!!! I am exhausted just reading about it. And you are a sweetheart to say YES to all those projects, parties and more. Trust me, I would have said NO. I am looking forward to the details and stories and pictures too. No pressure. Take your time and when you post, we'll be here ready to ooh and aah :-)
    I almost forgot - A very Happy New Year to you!!!

  3. I'm also tired from just reading that! I hope the break helped!

  4. Sometimes we just need a break. I'm glad you got yours - you had a busy time, but it sounds like all the family time was fun. I think it's wonderful that so many of your family members are learning to quilt and have you as a helpful resource. It's so much fun to share the joy of quilting! Welcome back!

  5. Good grief, I am pooped just reading about all those deadlines, and I work well to deadlines, but that is over the top! Glad you came through, as if you wouldn't, but then I can totally see the poof! wind out of your sails while you take time to rejuvenate. And WHAT a rejuvenation, with the purple class sample! You go girl, on teaching intermediate quilting woo hoo! What a terrific sample, and, of course, purple :-)

  6. Oh wow, Jasmine, you were really amazing to take on and do so much during the holiday season. I certainly understand the need for a break after all of that intensity. I hope you are able to find the balance of simplification this year. :)

  7. Wow! That's a lot of unexpected deadlines! No wonder you needed a break :) I love your class sample quilt and I hope that things stayed simpler so you can enjoy your sewing time again.

  8. Holy cow girl!! Yes I need a nap after reading all of what you have accomplished in such a short time. I think I would have been pulling out my hair, LOL You deserved a break for sure.

  9. Holy cow!! I can't IMAGINE saying yes to all of that!!! Were you wearing a cape? I think we should just start calling you Super Quilter. AWESOME quilting on Pleasantly Purple!!

  10. Wow, you certainly were busy!! I’m sure a break was definitely needed but I’m guessing it felt good to help everyone as well :)


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