Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Custom Queen Size Sheet Quilts

As I mentioned earlier, my mom's friend Tammy asked me to quilt these four quilts for her.  They are each made from two queen size (200 thread count) flat sheets.  Tammy pressed them all to prepare them, and I trimmed off the side hems.  I then quilted, trimmed, and bound each one.  This was my first time working with sheets, and I was pleased with how they turned out.

I quilted them on the Bernina Q24 with a large stipple.

It felt so good every time I took one off the frames.

Here they all are.

The colors are more accurate in this close-up.

I think Tammy was intending for these to be picnic blankets, but they do look good on a bed as well.

I have a funny story to share.  I always tell my FMQ students to think of whatever a design reminds them of while they are quilting.  One day when I was quilting a stipple, Panda came up and asked me why I was quilting fidget spinners.  I stepped back and could see what he was saying.  Now every time I stipple a quilt I see fidget spinners and think of him.

What do you think of when you stipple or what do you see in the design?



  1. I see the ends of bones. I love this idea of whole sheet quilts. They would be great to put under a nicer quilt on the kids beds.

  2. I see puzzle pieces when I stipple. I'm so going to steal this idea of whole sheet quilts!! DH doesn't care for a lot of patchwork but he's been asking for a quilt for his bed...THIS would be perfect!! Thanks for sharing :-)

    1. I’m glad you like the idea. I enjoy making simple whole cloth quilts.

  3. I see puzzle pieces too! :) Love the idea of sheets..will definitely make some! I bet soft Thrifted sheets would be Awesome too!! :)

  4. I see dog bone treats. But I sure see how Panda thought Spinners!

  5. These are lovely. I have a few coveted plaid sheets. This is what I have in mind
    Thanks for the encouragement

  6. I think using sheets works really well for quilting, and I can definitely see that using sheets for picnic quilts would be appealing. And now I can totally see the fidget spinner reference, too! :)

  7. Great idea for picnic blankets! Great idea for new FMQ peeps too. I tell people that too, to visualize a shape; I see ghosts, the sheet over the head, and two fat arms, or sometimes a mitten...love the fidget spinners thought though too!


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