Monday, January 6, 2014

First Finishes in 2014

I have my first quilty finish for 2014.  It is part of my January goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes:  to make something with my blue stash fabric. 

I love it!  It is nice and wintry.  I just used the light blues and whites from my stash.  In my next post I will talk about how I plan to use a lot more of my blue fabrics.  This is just a little preview.  ;) 

I quilted it with random wavy lines about 1.5 inches apart.  The first thing Cheetah said when he saw it was, "The lines aren't straight."  I told him that they were wavy on purpose.  He doesn't like it that way, but I do.  I like it so much that I will probably do it again. 

The back of the runner is a white on white snowflake and star print with little blue specks. 

I am so excited that I finished it early in the month, because I can enjoy it in my kitchen now. 

I finished that snowball quilt in 2005.  I was glad I could hang it up when I took down my Christmas Tree quilt.

This table runner finishes at about 17 x 42 inches.  It used up 1.75 yards of my stash fabrics.  :) 

I have also made a couple of valences this year.  This first one is in my craft room. 

Don't tell anyone... But I bought this fabric at JoAnns on black Friday.  The material only cost me $2.  It used up 1 yard of my stash fabrics.  :D  It is printed in these cute squares and looks awesome with my other black and white items in the craft room

The other valence I made is for my living room.  I re-purposed some drapes I bought on clearance for $7.00.  I made it in one long piece, but cut slots in the back for the rods to go through.  Each window has its own rod.  It was cheaper than buying one rod for a bay window. 

This valance looks so much better than the sheer drape things which were hanging there before.  My husband likes it a lot more too.  It matches the drapes and valence in my kitchen. 



  1. Love those cool blues on the runner and how everything coordinates. Very nice work!

  2. I like how your new table runner plays so nicely with your snowball quilt on the wall.

  3. Pretty runner, love the quilting :)


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