Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Planning the Year 2014

After completing a year of finishes, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to do next.  I am down to one work in progress, and it feels great! 

I do have a small box of my sister-in-law's quilt tops which I will finish for her sons when I feel the time is right.  (She passed away 9 years ago.)  I feel no guilt about this box, because they are not my UFOs.  I also have a small pile of fabric that I have pulled for potential quilts.  I was told that because I have not started cutting or piecing, that these kits also don't count as UFOs.  This makes me feel free to do whatever I want this year.  :D 

I love having the skills to complete the projects I start, even if it is done simply.  I don't know how many times I sit down to quilt something with grand plans in mind.  I trace the "planned" quilting design with my finger on the quilt, then something doesn't work.  I end up keeping it sweet and simple.  I am okay with that.  That is my style. 

So, I will continue making and finishing quilts while Keeping It Sweet, Simple & Extra Special.  With that in mind, here are my plans for the year 2014: 

1.  I want to do a lot of stash busting, so I can update my stash with the newer, cuter fabrics. 

I feel truly blessed, because I inherited my stash from my sister-in-law.  I have been able to make quite a few quilts from just my stash.  Yet, I must admit a little bit of stash-envy going on over here.  These fabrics are mostly from the 90's--that sounds older than it really is.  ;) 

I did do some destashing last August, so I do still like the fabrics I currently have.  I want to make lots of simple quilts for me and for others, while using it up.  Then, I can go buy lots of newer, cuter blenders for my stash.  There will be no fabric shopping diet going on here, but I will keep within my personal budget.  I do hope to use more than I buy, but if the end result is a stash I enjoy more... I don't care if it grows. 

2.  I want to continue making more seasonal quilty things for my home. 

I love wall hangings, table runners, lap quilts, and I am now wanting pillows.  I was a little sad taking down my new Christmas quilts today, but it was so much fun to pull out my winter/January things. 

3.  I want to become more involved in the online quilting community. 

I started this blog less than two months ago and this is my 50th post!  I already participate in some linky parties, but now I want to participate in a challenge.  I think the Lovely Year of Finishes 2014, will match with my current goals very well.  I am also looking into a stash report linky. 

I also would like to figure out a few more technical things.  Like:  Bloglovin, Flicker, Instagram...

I need to make these changes little by little.  I know that if I get too stressed out I will get migraines. 

4.  I want to have a little more balance in my creative endeavors. 

Quilting is very therapeutic for me, because I feel so good when I finish something.  In 2013 I mostly quilted and read books during my spare time.  Yet, I know I need to keep up with my scrapbooking and card making a little better.  I finally understand why my friend does not like scrapbooking.  Are you ever done? 

All of these plans are pretty general, because I want to leave myself open so I can create what I feel like.  Quilting should be fun, and not make me feel guilty or stressed. 
A Lovely Year of Finishes  

So... my specific goal for the month of January is to make something with my blue fabrics. Any suggestions? 

Happy New Year!


P.S.  I am linking up with Goals for 2014 at Confessions of a Fabric Addict and the January Goal Setting Party for A Lovely Year of Finishes 2014.   


  1. Your stash is wonderful. I have lots of fabrics from the 50's through the 80's from my Aunt Marie, my quilting muse. I make many scrap quilts (it's my addiction) and they are great for that. I found a great string quilt in blues in a book called String Quilt Revival by Virginia Baker and Barbara Sanders. There are some lovely images of quilts from this book if you google images: String Quilt Revival.

    Bonnie Hunter (from has beautiful quilt patterns on her blog that are FREE! Many of them are on my to-do list. One you might like is My Blue Heaven. There is a tab for Free Patterns at the top.

    Here is the link from Amazon:

  2. Great goals for this year! I love making bags and pouches with my stash that I don't want to use on quilts. I make a lot of re-usable bags and backpacks to put birthday party gifts in for my kids. Can't wait to see all your progress. Good luck staying balanced :)

  3. Good luck with your 2014 goals. Congrats on your 50th post.

    Judy Laquidara at Patchwork Times has a weekly stash report linky party every Sunday if haven't yet found someplace else to participate.

  4. Jasmine, you have such a healthy attitude about stash! Good for you! I love reading your goals and can't wait to see what you accomplish in 2014!

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    1. Oh, how embarassing! I somehow clicked on something, and there was no "undo" button. Your comment totally made my day, Dona. I am now following you, too.

  6. You are a breath of fresh air. Love your perspective on so many things. I'm trying to avoid any guilt when it comes to my hobbies as well. It's not so much about balance, since I don't think that really exists, but priorities. Hoping you have a successful 2014!

  7. Add a dash of red and some white and you have a July quilt for you couch. I was given a lot of fabric from the ninetys. Occasionally I go through it and donate some to my guild so they can make charity quilts. And congrats on a year of finishes!


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