Friday, May 1, 2015

Lucky Churn Dash: A Finished Quilt

Back in March, my mother and I went to Handi Quilter and took classes learning how to use the Pro-Stitcher (computerized quilting program) on her Fusion quilting machine.  Our goal was to quilt at least one quilt each month so we would remember how to do it.  This is the first quilt we have done together since taking the class.

I pieced and quilted this large church dash which finishes at 37 inches with the border.  It is inspired by a quilt in one of Camille Roskelley's books, although I didn't use her pattern.  Then my mom and I quilted it on her long arm machine using a digital clover pantograph which came with her machine.  We plan on donating it to a local charity.

It was lots of fun and went surprisingly well.  But would you believe that I think the quilting is a little too perfect and even?

I think I really like the wobbles of free motion quilting.  They make it seem more handmade.  But maybe that is just me.  ;)

I bound it in a random green solid which matches the print on the churn dash.  The light orange backing is a little brighter than the peach and green churn dash, but the green binding ties it all together.  It was a great stash buster quilt.

I decided to call this baby quilt Lucky Churn Dash because the clover quilting reminds me of luck.  Plus we were lucky it went so well.  LOL.

Quilt Stats #138
Name: Lucky Churn Dash
Pattern:  Churn dash from 10.5 inch squares
Fabric: Kona White and others from stash
Amount Used: 3 yards
Batting: Warm and White
Size: About 37 x 37 inches
Date Finished: April 2015
What I learned:

  • I don't need to be afraid of my mom's long arm machine.
  • I need to remember all the steps when rolling the quilt and using the digital pantograph.  (Using the handout from class would have helped solve some minor problems.)

Love this picture.  You can see a tiny glimpse of the patch I made on my backing.  When I went to square up the backing, I noticed there was a little chunk cut out of the corner.  I just added a Kona White scrap to the corner to load it onto the frame.  I think it is kinda cute.

I just had to add one more photo.  I walked into the family room and had to quickly grab the camera.

Panda was laying down, but only partially on the quilt.  Do you think this is a new form of quilt testing?  I wonder what was better: the quilt or the carpet?


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  1. My wobbles from a pantograph are not always so cute. You should give that a try too. Free motion on the front is easier, faster, and better!

  2. This is a great finish and the quilting is wonderful!

  3. I like your idea to use your mom's machine once a month to stay in practice; and how lucky is somebody going to be to get this quilt?! I personally could pantograph with my long arm as well but haven't bothered to even try. I agree that a bit of FMQ wobble is the ticket!

  4. Oh the quilting is stunning! I've only ever free motion quilted squiggles or done straight lines so I'm a little in awe at something looking so perfect and beautiful! I think I'm with you as much out of necessity as choice - the squiggles are a lot of fun!

  5. Love it, Jasmine, and the quilting is beautiful. I agree, the quilting is very perfect but the snafu on the backing makes it more human. Great job to Mom too! What a simple but very lovely quilt; thanks for giving to charity.

  6. I am a sucker for the churn dash block. Love your quilt! I agree that you have to keep long-arming or you forget some of the necessary skills! Great quilt!

  7. It's funny you think it's too perfect! I have to agree with you. I'm not a fan of pantos, and I don't think I'll want to invest the money into the digital computer stuff. Still, it's fast, right?

    Well done!

  8. I think the simplicity of this quilt is so nice. It will be a great quilt for someone to receive. I agree with the wobbles of FMQ; there is such a thing as too perfect! :)

  9. Cute name! Whoever receives it will certainly feel lucky, too. Don't you love using up stash fabrics? Nice finish. :-)

  10. Great to practice and then donate-a win win! I agree with Shannon FMQ is easier than panto's! Hey that little triangle on the back could be your trademark!

  11. Your quilt is beautiful. I have always had the same feelings about pantographs. To uniform and look store bought. I do however like some of them. for example when the have a geometric design or lines that should be straight. I quilt all of mine on my home machine so free motion is the only option I have so it is a good thing I like it. Great job!

  12. Beautiful! I'm torn on the digital - I want a computerized longarm for the ease of use, and I'm OCD enough that I actually like the quilting when it's perfect. But I also really enjoy free motion quilting my stuff.

  13. I prefer the wobbles of free motion quilting, too! Something about the perfect computer guided quilting just seems to lack the warmth of the person-guided version. Beautiful little quilt, though, and someone will surely love it!

  14. This turned out beautifully. I love churn cases too. I agree with you on liking the look of FMQ and it's imperfections makes me prefer it as well. Nice job on practicing!

  15. The churn dash block is a favorite of mine. Yours is lovely!

  16. This is a cute quilt and I like how the back doesn't exactly match the peach on the front. It is a great all over quilting pattern.
    It is hard to compare computerized pantograph quilting with FMQ, but I do like the more handmade look of FMQ, wobbles and all.

  17. What a fun quilt to make, sounds like a good learning experience. I'm sure it will make some family very happy!

  18. hi jasmine
    I agree about the wobbles and lack of perfection. I love seeing brush strokes on paintings, uneven surfaces on antique furniture, old plaster walls. LeeAnna

  19. Congratulations on your first successful run!! :) It looks great. Good idea to do a quilt a month, keeps you in practice and a bonus visit to your mom's :D

    I agree with you on the wobble. Perfection is over rated ;)

  20. Lovely wobbles!!! The churn dash is the bomb!

  21. Gorgeous quilt and cute picture of quilt testing too!

  22. Lovely!! I love those huge blocks, they seems quick to make.


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