Saturday, May 9, 2015

Small Quilts from Scraps

I would like to wish everyone a big welcome who is visiting from Oh Scrap!  I was really excited when Cynthia asked me to share something I like to make with scraps.  I haven't made many big quilts with scraps, because I am trying to build up my rainbow scrap stash to make one of the fun quilts from her Scrap-A-Palooza series.  However, I have made a lot of little things with my scraps.  

My favorite thing to do with my scraps is make a smaller quilt with the same fabrics--especially if I gave the big quilt away.  Then I use the small quilt as a wall hanging, table topper, dust cover, or doll quilt.  These smaller quilts are also great for trying out new-to-me quilting designs.  I have created some collages of projects I have done in the past, which will hopefully give you a few ideas.  

I forgot to include this first mini quilt in the collage. ;) I was commissioned to make two baby quilts for my husband's work to give to a couple of their clients who were having a babies.  With the left over fabric I made this fun mini quilt called, "Good Morning, Doll." I just cut three inch squares out of the fabric I had left to make it.  I use it as a dust cover for my Cricut machine.  

This second quilt was made with the scraps from the "American Hero" quilt I made as a gift for my friend whose husband is in the military.  The original quilt has squares cut out at 18 inches, and the smaller quilt has squares cut out at 6 inches.  I love having a smaller version of the one I gave away.  I use it as a table topper for the month of July.  

This next quilt was made with the scraps from "Scatter Sunshine."  I donated Scatter Sunshine to Margaret's Hope Chest for someone going through postpartum depression.  I made this mini with the left over pieces and had fun quilting one loop in every two inch square.  I use it as a table topper in the fall.  

This mini quilt was made with the scraps of two different quilts.  The first quilt was given to Panda and I call it the "Richard Scarry Slideshow."  The second quilt was given to Monkey, and I call it the "Hungry Animal Slideshow." The leftover pieces from the sashing were an odd size 2.75 inches.  So I combined them into one small quilt.  I have used it as a doll quilt, but it is currently hanging up in my bedroom.  

Both the large quilt and the mini Simply Woven quilts were given to Cheetah.  I just kept making blocks with the scraps.  Four of the extra blocks were used to piece the backing, and the other four extra blocks were used to make a mini.  I quilted the mini first with loops and stars.  I thought the stars were too distracting, so I quilted the larger quilt with just loops.  I was very grateful I could test the quilting design out on the mini.  

This project was made with the scraps from the two Elk in the Pines quilts I made for the grandpas for Father's Day.  With the scraps I made a wall hanging for my husband.  I gave it to him for his birthday and he has it hanging up in his office at work.    

This mini quilt was made with the scraps from my big red finish.  I kept the large quilt and table runner, but the small stacked coins quilt was given to my sister-in-law.  The mini was fun to try improv piecing and matchstick quilting.  I use it as a table topper in February, July, and December.  

While I am at it, I will admit that sometimes I keep all the quilts.  The big and the small.  :o)

There were a lot of strips left over from my Colorwash Trip quilt, so I used them up for a wall hanging I display in my kitchen.  I quilted the wall hanging a little more densely than the bed quilt.  

There was a lot of fabric left over from my "Kitty and Me" quilt, so I made "Kitty Scraps," a table runner, and this mini quilt.  I had fun trying out a long arm ruler to do the dogwood quilting.  I use this as a little doll quilt in my craft room.  

This is probably my favorite mini.  I had so much fun quilting the chevron with feathers.  It was made with the HST I trimmed off of my "Through the Woods" quilt.  

This was such a fun post to write.  Many of these quilts were made before I started blogging, so I had an enjoyable trip down memory lane.  Someday I will have enough rainbow scraps to make a big quilt.  Here is my little collection of rainbow scraps.  

I got the idea to store my rainbow scraps on a shelf like this from Cynthia.  
What is your favorite thing to do with your scraps?

I wish all the women a Happy Mother's Day.  I believe we all mother someone, whether it is our own children, nieces and nephews, neighbors, or friends.  


P.S. All of the collages were made with PicMonkey.  It is a free online photo editing site.  


  1. I admire that you immediately sew up your scraps into pretty mini quilts. Thanks for sharing all your lovely ideas with Oh Scrap!

    Your red quilts are still some of my all time favorites! Makes me want to make one for myself. How could you give one away! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  2. How wonderful all those little scrappy quilts are Jasmine! I remember seeing your all red minis and that is something I still think about _ they are amazing!

    I am in the stage where i save scraps with bigger projects in mind, but I have made quite a few small projects with patriotic scraps.

  3. This is such a fun post. It's nice to see some of your work again, the them!! And the orange table topper! I still adore the Color wash trip, it's so stunning :)

  4. What a lovely quilt show of your quilts. Scatter Sunshine is a very simple pattern but it is amazing. It is fun to remember all the quilts you have made when you see a piece of a fabric you have used.

  5. I think it's great that you make mini's from your scraps - they look so nice, especially when pictured with the larger quilt. You've definitely given me a few ideas. I have a blank wall in my bedroom that is just begging for a mini quilt! :)

  6. Oh Jasmine, You are really good.
    Are these your AG dolls?
    I have four of them. I will come over and we can play. :-D
    I have not made much with any scraps.
    I have mount everest upstairs in the spare room, so I really need to get sorting and doing something with them
    I have a lot of good stuff. some times I make little purses with the clasps, that takes very little fabric
    I like the idea of doll quilts. Yours are soo adorable
    You are very inspiring
    Happy Mothers Day to you

  7. You are so thrifty and do beautiful things with both your scraps and scraps from others! :) Getting to look back on some of your projects is nice.

  8. What a wonderful post!!! Thanks to Cynthia for sending me along - you have another addition to your followers!

  9. I enjoyed your retrospective show. The big advantage of your approach is that once you have a good color palette going, you get to use it twice.

    I did that once. Usually I do the BIG scrap bin thing and promise to cut and sort.

  10. What an amazing idea - to make a mini quilt out of your scraps of every bigger quilt! I love it! I do often feel the same way when I am giving away a quilt out of fabric that I love. Your quilts are beautiful!

  11. You are an inspiration, Jasmine, I have NEVER thought of making mini quilts from the large ones. That's why my scraps keep growing. Great quilts! I may have a new plan.

  12. Hi, Jasmine. I'm visiting here for the first time after reading Preeti's most recent blog post. She and I are friends IRL . I adore your mini quilts. That's what I most often make. (Last year I made 7 for Operation Christmas Child. This year it's for a variety.) The quilting on the "American Hero" and the chevron quilt are really eye-catching . Keep up the good work. You've inspired me to get back to my sewing room. It's been a few works since I did any serious production in there.

  13. Your scraps are organized in such a neat and pretty way...mine are thrown willy-nilly into an old grocery bag that is overflowing! I'm jealous!

  14. Really interesting to see what you do with the scraps from each quilt! I nearly fell over when I saw your Colorwash Trip quilt--I have the same one, albeit in different fabrics! And, I have saved all the leftover fabric, planning to make a mini identical to it...yeah it's not done. I should put it on a FAL list, right? Man I confess to some dark secrets on your blog!!


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