Thursday, December 8, 2016

Another Niece's First Quilt

Another one of my nieces, Miss M, finished her turning twenty quilt with my mom.  She wanted me to quilt it for her with the hooked swirl design on my Tiara.  It turned out so cute!

She was busy and running out of time, so she also asked for help piecing the backing.  My mom figured out where the houses would match up and then passed it on to me.  I set my ironing board up next to my cutting table and glued it down before sewing it.

I love the texture of the swirls on the back.

You can hardly see the seam after the quilting.

I also did the binding by machine for Miss M.

Miss M loves her finished quilt and that makes me a happy aunt!



  1. How awesome that you and your mom are working with your nieces to create more future quilters. The back seam is basically invisible. Well done!

  2. Your quilting looks great! That is one of those patterns I need to practice.

  3. Wow! That quilting design is fabulous and gives great texture. Your niece must be so excited!

  4. Great quilting job!! Love the matched pattern on the backing!!

  5. I love it, Jasmine! As always, your quilting is perfect and I just love the colors and the houses!! Great finish for your niece!!

  6. A beautiful finish, I love the texture it shows in that first pic, lovely!!

  7. It is very cold (according to me) today. I am wearing my turtleneck and it feels like winter. Therefore your very cheerful spring-like quilt is exactly what I needed to see. Bright, happy colors, love the quilting and tell me where can I find that backing fabric.

  8. Miss M should be so proud! And so should you Jasmine. :) Her quilt turned out beautifully!

  9. I love this quilt. The colors and everything. Wowie

  10. I really like the swirl as an overall design on her gorgeous quilt!


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