Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Last Quilt Finished in 2016

I almost didn't blog about this quilt because I think it is kind of ugly.  My husband thought I should, because "not everyone will love everything they make"  and "every quilter needs to make an ugly quilt to find out what they really like."  At least he didn't lie and tell me he loved it anyway.  Lol.  However, when Monkey decided it was still cuddle worthy I felt a little better about it.

This was a simple stash busting quilt using up most of my old brown fabric.  (Anything that is left will be donated to a good cause.)  I used my Calculations for Race Quilt Variations and pieced it randomly.  The strips were all cut six inches wide.  It made piecing the twin size quilt take less than two hours.

I had hoped that it would improve after the quilting.  I quilted it the same as this other race quilt.  (The blue and green is so much prettier.)

While the quilting seemed to take forever due to the hard-to-use polyester batting and the not-so-pretty colors, it really took less than two hours to quilt on my Tiara.

The backing was pieced together using more of the old brown fabric.

I might like the back better than the front.

I bound it by machine and used a zig-zag stitch to try something different.

This quilt will be donated to a local shelter.  Even though I don't like it, I am still glad I made it.  It went quickly (less than seven hours start to finish) and I hope it will bring comfort to someone in need.

Quilt Stats #195
Name:  Brown Race
Pattern:  Race Quilt Variation
Fabric Used:  Browns from old stash
Amount Used:  10.5 yards
Batting:  Low loft packaged polyester
Size: About 71 x 88 inches
Date Finished:  December 2016

On a different note, my sweet husband gave me a quilt stand so I can take photos of the whole quilts again.  (I have been missing my old deck with the clothes line.)  This is the first quilt I tried it out on.  I think it is going to be perfect!

It is made by Craftgard and can be found here.  (I'm not affiliated, just a recent happy customer.)



  1. I like it! Way to post even if you don't like it!

  2. I like it. It has a masculine feel to it.

  3. Reminds me of coffee with cream! You are right we do need to make ones that are outside our box in the color realm. And the blue/green version is a good example, too, of how it works.

  4. I don't think it is ugly, I view it as a good guy quilt. Us girls might just like brighter colors is all:) I've just finished piecing my 3rd Chunky race(thanks to you and Shannon). I am using older fabrics up!

  5. I don't think it is ugly either. Brown quilts are very manly. I have made a few quilts I didn't like, but someone will like them. We all have different tastes. I love the gift your husband gave you!

  6. It is not a bad quilt. Perhaps you feel so because of the browns but I love browns. And someone will cherish this quilt once it is donated.

    You did better than me, I took most of my older fabrics and donated to Goodwill. I know some quilter will be very happy. I just didn't want to store it anymore and felt someone would use it if they just had access to it.

  7. The shelter people will love it. Our guild has requested big, ugly quilts that are given to homeless veterans, and the dark colors work well. People in Haiti would also love it as they don't have much.

  8. I don't think this is ugly at all! And I really love the quilting on it.

  9. It's definitely not an ugly quilt, Jasmine! Someone will be very grateful for its warmth and care you put into making it. Brown is a tough color for me, too, but I find I like it more when I mix in other colors - like pinks and greens. And what a lovely gift from your husband! :)

  10. So many great things accomplished in 2016. Congrats on all your finishes and blessings throughout the year.


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