Thursday, December 15, 2016

Gift Bags

I have had a lot of fun making a rainbow of bags.  With the exception of the hot wheels bag Monkey asked for, these are the most girly bags I have made.  They will be given to some of my family and friends.

Two were made specifically for two blogging friends, Mary and Cynthia, who won my Blogiversary Giveaway.  

Mary said that she likes grey and teal.  Cynthia said that she likes purple and turquoise.  I was happy to find fabric in those colors.  :)  They should have received their packages by now.

And just for fun, here are 15 of the 16 bags I have made recently.  (One was given away to Cheetah's friend.)

I like using the Pants Bag Tutorial by Jennifer at Glinda Quilts, but I cut the fabric out at different sizes.  These bags are great for headphones, charger cords, and toys.



  1. That is a nice rainbow of color!

  2. i received mine and absolutely love it! I don't know how to upload pictures to someone's blog or I would have bragged about it.
    Thank you it is beautifully made. I'll have to try the tutorial!

  3. I love that you coordinate the top band so well, it makes them adorable!

  4. Beautiful rainbow of bags! I'm sure they will all be well appreciated and used. :)

  5. I love my little bag! I filled it with my charger cords to keep them organized. Thanks again!

  6. One can never have too many bags IMHO. Love the rainbow effect you've got going on here.


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