Thursday, December 1, 2016

Making Bags with my Niece

I spent one morning cutting out and making little gift bags with my niece.  She had found a bag like this in my mother-in-law's closet and decided that she wanted to make a bunch out of Christmas fabric.

She brought over the original bag and we figured out how to make it.  We cut out 5.5 inch circles for the base and 7 by 17 inch rectangles for the top.  One yard of fabric was enough for eight bags.

First, we ironed the hem and casing on the 17 inch side of the rectangle.  Second, we sewed the opposite side around the circle.  Third, we sewed the side seam.  Note: the 17 inches was bigger than necessary and we trimmed the excess from the side after the seam was sewn.  Fourth, we zig-zagged around the raw edges because the bags are not lined.  Fifth, we sewed the two seams which formed the casing.  Last, we threaded the twine through the casing with a large needle.  (That part was definitely easier said than done!)

We cut out enough fabric for 40 bags and made two prototypes.  She kept one and I kept one.  I think it is pretty cute, but I wonder what my niece plans on putting inside 39 bags.  ;)

I think it even looks pretty cute open.



  1. Those are cute bags! It's so nice you get to work with your neice.

  2. I agree, the number of bags is intriguing! :)

  3. 39 bags...hmmm.... :) They are cute, and it sounds like a fun project for you and your niece. I think stringing several (much smaller) bags and making a garland would be fun to put small treats in for the 12 days of Christmas or Easter or birthday celebrations - the possibilities are endless!

  4. These bags are so cute, Jasmine! It must have been fun just seeing what fabric she chose! Time with family is so precious!

  5. Cute bags. It is fun to sew with young eager kids

  6. That is great little bag ---- but 40 of them must have been quite the assembly line, LOL. I wonder too Jasmine, what your niece plans to put in all of them.


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