Thursday, July 30, 2020

My Sister’s Fourth Quilt

I recently helped my sister make her fourth quilt.  It is a gift for her daughter.  My Mom had originally picked out the fabrics for one of the Turning Twenty quilts she makes with the granddaughters.  I believe the fabrics are all from the Sundrops line by Corey Yoder. 

Mom gave the quilt kit to my sister and I helped her pick a different pattern.  We chose one with rectangles and squares which would use the fat quarters well.  A friend of mine made a similar quilt, so I did the math and sketched out the quilt.   My sister came over and I helped her cut out the quilt in my kitchen while the kids played.  (Bunny is the quilt inspector in the picture below.)

She sewed all the blocks together at her house and came to mine for help with the borders and backing. 

Then while she was on vacation I loaded it on the frames and quilted it up. 

My niece chose the basic stipple quilting design because she loved it on my Skittles quilt. 

It took a couple days to quilt it for them. 

My sister originally wanted to sew the binding down to the back by hand.  However she is going to be having surgery on her wrist soon.  So she asked me to do it by machine for her. 

My sister and niece were very excited to come home to a finished quilt. 

Now my sister needs to make quilts for all of her boys.  We've already picked out the fabric for her next one.  I love quilting with family. 



  1. I love that you have a quilting family! It is a beautiful quilt.

  2. I really love the small stripe border to set off the pieced center and the lovely outer border. What a fun project to work on together!

  3. A lovely quilt. What was wrong with the first pattern?

    1. There is nothing wrong with the Turning Twenty pattern. It is just very likely my niece will use that pattern when she makes a quilt with my mother once she turns thirteen. So my sister wanted something different.

  4. SEW sweet of you to do the quilting and binding while your sister was away in vacation, Jasmine! I can only imagine how excited your niece must have been when they returned.

  5. It truly does add a whole other level to quilting when you can share it like this with your family. I love the colour palette, and yay for quilt math. You and your sister did a beautiful job!


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