Thursday, September 25, 2014

Minky Pillow Case Tutorial

~Plus~ Tips for dealing with the fuzzy minky mess. 

I have had so much fun making pillow cases out of minky, that I thought others would want to see how easy they are.  They make great gifts! 

2/3 yard of minky (60 inches wide)
Coordinating Thread
1.5 inches of sew-on Velcro (optional)

Note:  This fits a standard size pillow in the United States.  (Approximately 19 x 26 inches)

1.  Keep the minky folded in half and smooth it out on your cutting mat.  My cutting mat has a grid that is 24 x 36 inches.  (The cutting process was made easier for me because my cutting table is set up as an island in the center of my room.) 

2.  Square up one of the long edges of fabric. 

Hint:  When I have such a long cut to make I use two rulers.  I hold the right one in place while I slide the other up.  This keeps the edge nice and square. 

Note:  I like to put the trimmings straight into the garbage to keep down the fuzzy minky mess. 

3.  Cut the minky so it is 20.5 inches wide.  (This is really easy for me with my 20.5 inch square Omnigrip ruler.)

I slide it up to finish the cut. 

Note:  If you can't access all the sides of your mat like me, it is better to rotate your mat than to rotate your fabric.  It helps keep down the fuzzy minky mess. 

4.  Trim off both selvage edges. 

It now looks like this. 

5.  Clean up the fuzzy minky mess.  I carefully lift up the edges and wipe it up with a batting scrap. 

This minky actually wasn't too bad. 

Then I take a lint roller to the edges of the minky. 

Note:  Minky does not fray.  It is like giving it a hair cut.  Once you clean up the little "hairs" it is good to go. 

6.  Create a 1 inch hem along both short (20.5 inch) sides.  I folded the edges under 1 3/8 inch and pinned (no ironing). 

I used my walking foot when sewing on the minky. 

7.  Lay the hemmed minky right side up on your cutting mat. Line the edge up with the 26 inch mark on your mat. 

Note:  This is the hem which will show, so if one looks better than the other use it here. 

8.  Fold the minky at the 0 inch mark so that the right sides are together.  It will be longer than the 26 inches. 

Pin both sides to the 26 inch mark. 

9.  Fold the extra flap around the bottom piece. 

Pin in place.  (I still left the original pins in.)

It will look like this:

10.  Sew both sides with a half inch seam allowance starting at the end near the opening.  Back stitch at both ends. 

It will now look like this:

11.  Turn it right side out and insert the pillow. 

The pillow will hide nicely under the inner flap. 


Note:  I made three of these, and they seemed a little floppy on the bed (especially the more plush angry bird pillow case).  So I decided to add a velcro closure. 


13.  Sew 1.5 inches of velcro to the wrong side of the hem which shows.  Center it along the edge. 

Note:  I used a straight stitch because it will be visible on the outside. 

14.  Lay the pillow case flat on the table, and line up the other piece of velcro.  

Carefully pin it in place so it doesn't go through both layers of fabric. 

15.  Carefully sew the second piece of velcro in place.  Be sure not to catch another part of the pillow while sewing.  

Note:  I used a zig zag stitch because it secures it better and will not show.

16.  Put the pillow back in and enjoy! 

I think they look a lot better with the velcro sewn on. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial (and that it made sense).  Please leave a comment if you have any questions. 

I would love to see your project if you use this tutorial.  :)


P.S.  I based this pillow case design off of a cotton pillow case I bought at Ikea.  The minky just makes it so much better! 
P.P.S. I will be linking up with Finish it up Friday and Can I Get a Whoop Whoop.


  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I've never used minky so I appreciate the heads up about how to keep the fuzzy mess to a minimum. Now I need to go find minky in a penguin theme, and figure out what theme my other child might get a kickout of... These would look good under our Christmas tree too.

  2. Great tutorial. Thank you for sharing this. I have a couple little granddaughters who would probably love a cozy pillow case like this!

  3. Ooooh so nice! I am thinking even some cute fleece would work great like this for the grandsons! Thanks for sharing your method :-)

  4. I'm a big fan of your tutorials. They're well thought out, clear and easy to follow. They also get better and better. I can't wait to see what you'll be teaching us, next.

  5. Great Directions! I'm going to try to make these right now! I love the velcro closure idea. Thank you!


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