Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Christmas Quilts Progress

My giant star quilt has been put on hold while I work on some sneaky sewing.  While the boys have been at school, I have gone from this...

... to this.  All four quilts are cut out, but this stack only has the squares for my sons. 

It is not normal for me to work on so many projects at once, but I have been able to cut them out while the big boys were at school.  I have to sneak in the sewing when they are not around.  My youngest doesn't pay much attention to what I am working on. 

I am able to work on my husband's quilt more openly, because he knows he is receiving a quilt.  He just doesn't know what it looks like.  So he is banned from reading my blog and entering the craft room.  The boys know about Daddy's quilt, but not theirs. 

My husband's cuddly Christmas quilt is my own design.  I knew he wanted a more outdoorsy quilt, but my LQS didn't have a good selection of fabric with elk, moose, ducks, or fish.  They were having a good sale, and so I decided to design my own to make it look outdoorsy without animal fabric.  This is what my design looked like:

I used high quality pencils and crayons on printer paper to make my pattern.  ;)  The next step for my husband's quilt was purchasing the fabric. 

The minky bear paw fabric is what inspired my design.  Here it is all cut out and on my design wall.  I totally love it!

I wanted the quilt to have an ombre look to it, and I think I achieved it.  I just have to say that trimming 2.5 inch half square triangles is not my favorite thing to do. 

I am so excited that I have been able to get this much done.  I hope I can still make time for more sneaky sewing. 


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  1. Love sneaky sewing! Your quilt design looks great! I think the feel you were going for is perfect in your design. What a fun thing to surprise them all!

  2. You have gotten so much done! I love the way your husband's quilt looks - the ombre gradient is just right. And bear claws can be a bit of a tedious blog. I admire the super tiny ones my mother made for a throw quilt a few years ago... and I think 2.5" HSTs might just be my limit. Any thoughts on how you will quilt this for your husband?

  3. Great work! I wish I'd been that productive with quilting projects lately. :-) I really like the bright oranges, greens and blues on that bottom project.

  4. Good luck with your sneaky sewing, they will be great finishes :)

  5. Such sneaky sewing - good luck keeping it all secret! Your bear tracks quilt is wonderful - you definitely nailed both the ombre effect and the outdoorsy feeling. You husband is sure to love it!

  6. You sneak you, LOL Sometimes we gotta be :-) Anyways I think your quilt for your DH is gonna be wonderful!!

  7. Such a pretty stack of squares, ready to be pieced, Jasmine! And your design wall looks even better than the mock up drawing. Thanks for showing the details of the process. It's nice to see what's going on in your thoughts!

  8. You have been so productive! I love that colourful stack of cut pieces for your sons. Your design for your husband looks great too, very manly and outdoorsy. I prefer that over fabrics with animals actually.

  9. You've done a fantastic job! He's going to be one happy camper come Christmas.

    And your fancy schmancy design tools are the best there are.

  10. This is awesome! Creative genius to use those fabrics and the bear claws on the front instead of animal prints! I think you definitely nailed the ombre look too :) Good luck with your sneaky sewing!

  11. I hope you're as proud of this quilt as you deserve to be. I love that it's your design and your husband will too.


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