Monday, February 16, 2015

Favorite Quilting Designs

A big thanks goes to Panda for his help choosing a winner for my giveaway sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop.  He helped me fold all of the comment strips and put them in the bowl.

Then he helped me mix them up and drew a winner.  I think he picked the one on the very bottom.

And the winner for the $25 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop is... Jessica.  (She doesn't have a blog.)

Jessica is one of my new followers and a new quilter.  Congratulations, Jessica!  (Doesn't Panda make for a cute little Mr. Random?)

I had so much fun reading every comment, and am sorry I was unable to respond to all of them.  It did get a little overwhelming.  I want to welcome all of my new (and old) followers.  I am so pleased you are joining me on my quilting journey.  It is my hope that something I do may be inspiring for you.  :)

Nearly 70 people answered my question, "What is your favorite quilting design?"  Twelve people listed more than one, so there were eighty responses.  Here is what everyone said:

  • 20 people (25%) said straight lines with the walking foot.
  • 13 people (16%) said the basic stipple/meander.
  • 10 people (12.5%) said spirals/swirls.
  • 8 people (10%) said wavy lines.  
  • 7 people (9%) said feathers.
  • 5 people (6%) said loops/loopy lines.
  • 4 people (5%) said pebbles.  (whether they could quilt them or not)
  • 3 people (4%) said leaves/vines.
  • 2 people (2.5%) said paisley.
  • 2 people (2.5%) said echo quilting.
  • 2 people (2.5%) said special stitches with the walking foot.
  • 1 person (1.25%) said wood grain.
  • 1 person (1.25%) said snowflakes.
  • 1 person (1.25%) said ribbon candy.
  • 1 person (1.25%) said matchstick quilting.  
Thank you everyone for answering my fun question.  If I were to have answered you anytime from 15 years ago to 1 year ago... I would have said loopy lines were my favorite.  (Sometimes with leaves, flowers, or butterflies added in.)  From 1 year ago to 1 month ago... I would have said spirals were my favorite.  However, for the last month I would have to say feathers are my favorite.  It just goes to show that my favorite is whatever I put the time into. Who knows what my favorite will be next month?  

I am excited to share these fun statistics in my upcoming class on Free Motion Quilting Basics at Daines Cotton Shop.  My first class will be taught this Saturday, and it is already full!  I am super excited.  I will teach it again in March and in April.  My March class is already half full.  

I went to speak with the manager today, and enjoyed seeing my quilt hanging up in the shop.  

They even have it hung up so the back side is also visible.

Can I just say that I am super excited?!!!

As a side note, I am not receiving emails with comments made by people with a Yahoo email account.  And they may receive a message saying their comment is "kicked back."  These comments are still posted to my blog, I am just not receiving the email notification.  I have enabled comment moderation for posts more than a week old so that I do not miss any comments.  I will also be checking my current posts to make sure I don't miss any.  I truly appreciate comments left on my blog, and I do try to respond to all of them by email.  I am not sure what else I can do to help with this challenge.



  1. Panda is a great Mr. Random. I love the way the color shows through when viewing your quilt from the back in the quilt shop. Lovely! :)

  2. I'm excited for you too! Good luck with your class Jasmine.

  3. Awww - I love your Panda Random Number Generator Jasmine! So sweet!
    Just this week Blogger stopped letting me know about comments from a couple of AOL email folks.

  4. Very exciting - hope you have a brilliant day and enjoy it!

  5. The poll answers were very interesting! I am so excited for you that you get to teach 3 classes. Yay! Your quilt looks beautiful hanging up there. You are a very talented quilter.

  6. Agreed, my answer would have varied over the years as I practiced & learned, too. For a while I was all about straight lines, and then loops with stars or hearts. After that I found Leah Day's 365 project, and gained many favourites from there! Right now I love stitching feathers, but what I'm REALLY enjoying is having a repertoire of designs to choose from when deciding how to fill a space. I'm starting to invent things that work for me, which is exciting, too.
    Your quilt looks just super, front and back - no wonder your classes are filling! Hope you have lots of fun with this new venture!

  7. Jasmine, your quilt looks fabulous hanging in the shop and I'm not at all surprised that your first class is full and the others will fill quickly as well! How fun! I can't wait to hear about your first class :)

  8. I am so excited that you are teaching and the classes are full. I look forward to reading all about it afterwards.

  9. How exciting to have your quilt hanging in the shop, and I love that you can see both sides. I can't wait to hear how your class goes!! :)

  10. Well, that explains one of the entrants in my giveaway, whose comment I never got, although I did see it on my blog. I bet she is a yahoo person. Ha, that sounds funny. You've created a great teaching quilt, piecing is a breeze so you can get right down to the business at hand, and have lots of room to practice, and best of all, a quilt at the end! I have a few quilted squares still kicking around from eons ago when they had us bring four or six 14" layered squares to class to learn and practice turned into a mat for our cat's food and water dishes, but the others hang around...they are cool to look at, but not really useful...should maybe join them somehow and make a wall quilt that would not be very pretty. lol.

  11. So happy for you and very excited to know you will be teaching this class soon, Jasmine. Those students will be thrilled to gain new quilting skills and you will make a fabulous instructor!

  12. Love seeing your quilt hanging in the shop. THAT is one smart shop when I first started sewing I requested a class exactly like this...but they never did offer a FMQ class. (Sad face) I too am very happy for you and your students!


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