Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Simple Stripe Quilt Tutorial

{Making the Quilt Top}

Supplies needed:
  • Six 1/3 yard pieces for the top (Although I used six different colors, it would also work well with 1, 2, or 3 different fabrics.  If using only one fabric I suggest still piecing the 9.5 inch strips together to separate the quilt top for the machine quilting.)
  • 1 2/3 yard for the backing
  • An extra (contrasting) 1/3 yard if piecing the backing
  • 1/2 yard piece for the binding
  • Crib size batting (about 45 x 60 inches)
  • Coordinating Thread

The fabrics I used are Timeless Treasures Sketch in lipstick, nectar, yellow, neon, chambray, purple, and dove.  My binding fabric is from the Henry Glass line "I Love You."  

I selected a rainbow in 50 weight Aurifil thread for the quilting.

1.  Iron all the wrinkles out of your six fabrics for the quilt top.  Using Best Press will really help and prevent stretching when sewing the stripes together. 

2.  Lay one color on your cutting mat.  I fold it in half lining the fold up with the selvages.  As long as the fabric lays flat when folded and doesn't ripple, your strip should be square across the entire width of fabric.  It is easier for me to cut 11 inches straight than 22.  Trim the left edge.  (I am using a 12.5 inch square ruler for the cutting and lining up the bottom fold along one of the lines on the ruler.)

Note:  Be sure to trim enough off that the entire edge is straight.  

3.  Using the markings on the ruler, cut a 9.5 inch strip.  Notice, I have the folded edge lined up with another marking on the ruler to keep it straight.  

4.  Repeat with the five other fabrics for the quilt top.  

5.  Lay the fabrics out on your design wall (or floor).  

Note: I did not cut off the selvages, they will be trimmed off after the top is quilted.  (Although if someone with a long arm quilting machine were to quilt it, all edges would need to be squared up.)

6.  Sew the stripes together in pairs with a consistent quarter inch seam.  I just lined up the edges together on the left.  (You can see in the picture above that even though these are all from the same fabric line, they are not all exactly the same width.)

7.  Press the seam to one side.  (I usually do so from the top, but this is what the back looks like.)

8.  Sew the three pairs together, continuing to line up the same edges.  Don't worry about the ends that are uneven.  

9.  Enjoy your finished quilt top which only used five long seams.  The quilt top will finish about 42 x 54 inches.  

Now you need to prepare the backing, baste, quilt, bind and enjoy.  Check out my "Quilt Basics" page for more tutorials.  You can also see the finished quilt, Rainbow in Motion, here.

Note: The dove colored fabric was wider than most of the other colors, so I didn't need to piece the backing.  If you are just learning to baste and quilt, I suggest adding a contrasting strip to the backing to make it wider.  


P.S.  A lot of the supplies for this quilt were generously donated by Daines Cotton Shop.


  1. Jasmine, this is great! I am SOOOOO excited for you. Please post after your first class and let us know how it went. This is a great idea. Love the quilting.

  2. Nice tutorial :). I seem to be attracted to strip quilts, lol! And I love that sketch fabric.


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