Monday, February 2, 2015

Rainbow in Motion: A Quilt in a Day

I am excited to tell you that one of the managers at my local quilt shop has asked me to teach a beginning free motion quilting class.  We discussed what we would like to have happen in the class and decided to have the students practice quilting on muslin quilt sandwiches.  Then we would move straight on to quilting a simple baby quilt.  So I took the supplies home (Timeless Treasures Sketch fabric) for a class sample/advertisement...

And made this quilt the next day.  I love fast finishes!

I have decided to call it "Rainbow in Motion" because it is a rainbow quilt with an emphasis on free motion quilting.

It looks really neat with the dove color on the back!

And I love how it shimmers in the sunlight.

Here's an indoor close-up of the backing:

I will be teaching five basic FMQ designs in the class and they are all represented on this quilt.

Wiggly lines...

Loopy lines...

Boxy Lines...

Angled lines...

And jagged lines.

I am much better at quilting with curvy designs.  :)

I think the binding is one of my favorite parts.  It is from the Henry Glass line, "I Love You."

I had to go back to the store to buy more of the cute heart stripe.

I added one of my corner labels to complete the quilt.

Here it is once again:

Quilt Stats #124
Quilt Name: Rainbow in Motion
Pattern: Six stripes cut out at 9.5 inches
Fabric: Timeless Treasures Sketch in lipstick, nectar, yellow, neon, chambray, purple, and dove.
Binding: Henry Glass "I Love You"
Amount used: 4 yards
Batting:  Hobbs 80/20
Size:  About 42 x 54 inches
Date Finished: January 2015
What I learned:

  • I love simple quilts that show off the quilting.  (But that's not really new.)
  • I can still quilt on a domestic machine.  ;)

I figured that if I was going to teach others to quilt with their domestic sewing machine that I should quilt the sample with my domestic sewing machine.

And here are a couple more pictures, just for fun!

(Please ignore the dead grass.  We're hoping for some snow.)

It gives me a little thrill that this quilt will be on display at the quilt shop, but my boys are a little disappointed that this rainbow goodness will be living there for a few months.

I will be posting tutorials for these simple baby quilts to help those in my class and anyone else who is interested.  The tutorial for piecing this stripe quilt is here.  Other tutorials for the baby quilts can be found on the "Quilt Basics" page under my header.


P.S.  I will be linking up with Let's Bee Social, Needle and Thread Thursday, Finish it Up Friday, and Can I Get a Whoop Whoop.

P.P.S.  A lot of the supplies for the quilt were generously donated by Daines Cotton Shop.


  1. So cute! It's a great practice piece that I think the ladies will be able to master quickly. You did a great job putting it together. I think it would be fun to teach a class like that.

  2. Lovely! Great job with the quilting, I love those loopy lines.

  3. What a great idea to show off the different designs you'll be teaching! The quilt is so cute - I love those fabrics!

  4. What a perfect class example Jasmine!! I predict what will make your class a success is your class sample is NOT intimidating to a's a great example of something that is do-able! Looking forward to hearing about your class. (Love that binding....and of course, who doesn't love that sketch fabric line!) :)

  5. I am so excited for you! The class sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun, and that quilt is a great sample and advertisement! The binding fabric is really cute, but I really like the rainbow of color, too! :)

  6. Wow Jasmine, what a great way to show off your wonderful FMQ-ing! This is super! Your students will love having something to show for their work too. Love the binding you picked out - the perfect counterpoint to the bright colors.

  7. Congratulations, Jasmine! You will have so much fun. Are you doing a one day class? Best wishes for a successful adventure!

  8. What a great sample for a FMQ class. Have fun teaching!

  9. It is a one day class, but I will repeat it about three times. I'm really excited.

  10. Yay for you! What a wonderful opportunity (and pat on the back too). I think your sample quilt is perfectt - simple, bright and happy, with a focus on the freemotion you're teaching.

  11. Fabulous job Jasmine in coming up with this class idea! I think many people will be wanting to take your class!

  12. Love a rainbow! Good luck for the class! How fun to get to teach one :)

  13. Congrats on the teaching gig! Super cute, bright, fun quilt and super quilting that shows up wonderfully!

  14. The best person to teach this class, for sure! You'll do a great job, and you've got a fantastic sample to show everyone.

  15. What an awesome FMQing sampler quilt, Jasmine! I am a total Sketch fan! :D Your quilting looks awesome! You are going to have a great time!

  16. So cool that you will be teaching. Great sample quilt too!

  17. I love all that colour, and of course, texture!!! :-)

  18. Wow!!! Everything about this is perfect. Love love love your quilting. You make it seem so easy. I am sure you and your class will be SUPERHIT!!!

  19. Great finish and love the beautiful pops of color! Stunning! Quick and yet stunning finishes are definitely a diamond in the ruff! hehe. Your quilting shows beautifully on the front and back (I love seeing the quilting on solid backs). Congratulations on your class and good luck! You'll do great!

  20. How exciting!! This is a wonderful design for your class. The rainbow colors bring the happiness, and the large areas for quilting are so freeing! These are my favorite quilts to finish!

  21. What loveliness and such generosity sharing these tutes with us. I love both this striped one and the boxy one with the same or similar colors. Thanks for sharing your techniques and skills with us. You rock !~!

  22. WOW! What a perfect project to teach your students with! The fabrics are gorgeous and the quilting is beautiful! You chose some really great motifs. And you are right... That binding is just what was needed to frame in all that loveliness!

  23. Whoop whoop for teaching soon! And another whoop whoop for a quick finish. I am sure your students will love the concept of stitching different designs on different colours. That corner label is a great idea. I may have to copy that one :o)

  24. I wish I lived close enough to take your class. This is such a marvelous little quilt -- so inspiring and so indeed full of motion. You really do make FMQ look easy...

  25. So pretty and such a compliment to be asked to teach the class! Your students are going to love this project and it's so nice that they'll actually be able to complete a baby quilt while they are learning!

  26. I only wish I could attend! I'm certain you will be a fabulous teacher.

  27. Congratulations on teaching a class! The quilt is beautiful. I love the colours, and how each one is quilted differently. It will be a great advertisement for the class!


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