Monday, May 2, 2016

Dancing Daisies: A Finished Quilt

I am thrilled to say that my WISP (work in slow progress) is now finished.  It mostly uses the Dancing Daisies tutorial at the Moda Bake Shop, but I decided to hand piece it instead.  I started this quilt, made with Sandy Gervais' Chance of Flowers, nearly two years ago.

I took it many places and worked on it a little at a time.

I even took it to a conference.

After coming home from the conference, I quickly finished the top.  

I basted the quilt and started the quilting while living at my mom's house.  The quilting was inspired by this dancing daisies quilt quilted by Kathleen.

Then I finished up the quilting in my new studio after moving.  (I love the natural light with my machine in front of the window.)

I really just kept adding more and more quilting until it felt done.  Then I did the binding by hand.

I decided to call the quilt Dancing Daisies.  It is the same name as the pattern, but I have been calling it that for two years and nothing else seems to fit.

I love the texture from all of the quilting with the double batting.  The bottom layer is Hobbs 80/20 and the top is Hobbs Wool.

The backing is a cute flower print I found in the clearance section at my LQS in similar colors.

While the quilting doesn't show up as well on the back, the print does hide the mistakes.

I really love this quilt!

It will live on my foot board until I decide to display it somewhere else.

Quilt Stats #179
Name:  Dancing Daisies
Pattern: Modified Dancing Daisies Drunkard's Path
Fabric:  Sandy Gervais' Chance of Flowers
Amount Used:  7 yards
Size:  About 48 x 64 inches
Batting:  Hobbs 80/20 and Hobbs Wool
Date Finished: April 2016
What I learned:

  • Hand piecing is fun, but takes a long time.
  • The double batting gives great texture, but is very stiff.
  • A little steam around the edges can help the binding lay flatter.
  • I absolutely love playing with the FMQ.

P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun linky parties on my sidebar.  Check them out to see what other quilters are doing.  


  1. Jasmine! It looks fantastic! SO glad you have a sunny spot in front of a window to sew at. Your FMQ has developed so well over the past few years. Hope you are enjoying your new home. (I know you are!!)

  2. Oh, you must be glad it's finally finished, It looks fabulous!! Enjoy your new home!

  3. I love how this quilt finished, Jasmine. The top is lovely, but I really love getting to see your beautiful quilting shine when viewed from the back. Do you think you will start a new WISP?

  4. This is so pretty and I love your quilting! What an accomplishment, all that hand sewing :)
    I hope you're getting settled and are loving your new home!

  5. Absolutely stunning, Jasmine! The quilting is perfect and your feathers are gorgeous! What an accomplishment! Congratulations!

  6. I love it!
    This quilt has a lot of good memories sewn right into it, Jasmine
    Well done. I did print the pattern from MBS.
    One day i will make it

  7. Wow! I can see why you love this quilt so much. I am so impressed with you dedication in hand piecing the top. That makes it so very special - you have created a wonderful quilt to pass down to your children. And the quilting! It's absolutely fantastic Jasmine.

  8. Absolutely stunning! Your quilting really looks great. I am sure you will find the perfect place to show it off in your new home. Congratulations!

  9. Love seeing it over the footboard, as well as seeing all the others in your bedroom! Great wall colour btw. The quilting is knock-your-daisies-out-of-your-hand fabulous! Intake of breath each time I gaze at it. Just so beautiful, Jasmine. And love that natural light, oh yeah, perfect spot to quilt.

  10. I absolutely love all the quilting(that's where my eye goes first!). But the whole thing is just scrumptious!! What a great accomplishment.

  11. So pretty! Congrats on your finish. Your quilting really enhances it - I see the beautiful quilting first and then the drunkard's path pattern.

  12. Quilting perfection! Beautiful quilt.

  13. Those blocks are beautiful, and I really love the quilting!

  14. That turned out just gorgeous - I love that you hand pieced it.

  15. I love this pattern and you did a great job quilting it - congrats.


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