Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cheetah's Second Quilt

This is Cheetah's second quilt which he made with my mom and me.  My mom has been teaching the granddaughters to quilt with the basic Turning Twenty pattern.  It turned out that if the grandsons wanted to make a quilt that they just needed to ask.  (Or have a mom willing to speak up.)  We simplified the quilt a little so that there are only 10 different fabrics repeated more often.  We also used the original pieced border from the pattern.  It made the quilts a little smaller, but also made it easy to put minky on the back.  (A must for my boys.)

Cheetah finished piecing the quilt top with my mom just after Christmas.  He decided to wait until the new long arm was set up before deciding if he wanted to quilt it or have me do it for him.

I had him start by doodling on my white board.

Then I loaded a practice sandwich onto the frames for him to try out.  He wanted to have the handles up higher.

It looked pretty good!

My husband came in and saw what Cheetah was doing.  He asked, "Is that fun."

Cheetah's response.  "Not really."

My hubby had to try it out because he thought it looked a little fun.

While he enjoyed trying it out, it will probably be the only time my husband actually uses the frames.

Cheetah ended up deciding to have me just do the quilting for him.

So this is the third quilt which I quilted on the Bernina Q24.

I finished it while he was at school and quickly put on the binding.

I took it outside for some pictures in the rare winter sunshine.

Then I made his bed with it.  You can see his first quilt at the foot of the bed and a pillow he made.

He came home and was happy to see it finished and already on his bed.  He loves his new quilt that he made, and I am such a proud mama.

His quilt ended up about 70 by 86 inches.  One of my nephews has already started on his own quilt with grandma.  His will also have minky on the back.



  1. How fun for all you to help him make his quilt, he did really good. Glad you showed the shots of him and DH at the machine! Mine won't touch it unless he has to fix something for me, LOL But that's OK as long as he supports me in my craziness:)

  2. I love that the grandsons are being included as well. Quilting can be stressful when learning, which can cut down on the "fun" factor. The quilt looks great on his bed and I'm proud of Cheetah, too!

  3. That quilt looks so nice on his bed. What a great job he did!

  4. He did such a great job on his quilt! I can tell he's really proud of it! Awesome!

  5. And you should be a proud mama! That is a very sweet story! And honestly, a perfect "guy" quilt!!

  6. Wow that is so awesome! I love that the grand-kids are making quilts with your mom. I really hope I get to share this great hobby of mine with my grand-kids one day. :-)

  7. Great job, Cheetah! The pictures of him and your husband at the longarm are great :)

  8. I love the fact that you chose to quilt using the pattern that he drew up!! He looks extremely pleased with his new quilt.


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