Thursday, February 16, 2017

Springtime Race: A Finished Quilt

This is the quilt top I made with my mom and her neighbor Tracey when I was teaching them how to make a Chunky Race Quilt.  My mom and I looked through her stash and pulled out these spring colored fabrics that went well together.  We cut out 60 pieces each that were four inches by 21 inches.  44.5 of them were sewn together.  I ended up with sixteen rows about 56 inches wide.  Then I took 11.5 pieces and sewed them together.  I ended up with four rows about 59 inches wide.  I added it to the top of the big piece and trimmed it the same width.  Then I took three pieces and sewed them into one row, added it to the top, and trimmed it the same width.  I ended up with a quilt about 56 inches wide and 73 long.  It used 59 of the 60 strips I cut and gave me a great lap quilt.

I used some cream minky for the backing because I wanted to keep this one.  I quilted it on the Bernina Q24.

Every row has a different quilting design.  I enjoyed trying a few new designs.

I hope I never get tired of seeing a quilt as it comes off the frames.

I squared the quilt up and added a scrappy blue and green binding.

I named it Springtime Race due to the sweet colors.

All of the fun quilting designs really show up on the minky backing, even if the creamy minky looks more like a gray in the picture.

I think the hearts in the middle are my favorite design.

I really love this free-motion quilting row sampler quilt.

Quilt Stats #201
Name:  Springtime Race
Pattern:  My Chunky Race Quilt
Fabric Used:  From my mom's stash
Amount Used:  6.5 yards
Batting:  Hobbs 80/20
Size:  About 56 x 73 inches
Date Finished:  2017

Maybe this quilt will hang out in the living room if I change the colors for spring.  I love having a quilt ready for cuddling on this chair.

My mom has also finished piecing her quilt, but it may be a little while before she quilts it herself.


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out for more quilty inspiration.


  1. I am having so much fun following your progress on the Bernina, But you should be careful, Tiara is going to get jealous!!!

  2. Was it hard coming up with a new motif for each line? I think I would start out with good intentions and then halfway through and think to myself, "what next???"! You have so much minky; do you do anything special to store it to minimize frizzing or is it not as bad as I fear? I used some cuddle minky for a project once and I think I'm still finding its lint around my sewing space.

    1. Thanks, Yvonne! 16 of the designs were used in one of the quilts I did in November so I just consulted my records. Adding a couple more with hearts was easy, but it was hard to fill the last couple. If I had some with boxy/straight lines earlier it would have been a lot easier. All of my lines were curvy, loopy, or spirally.

      I don't have much of a problem with fuzz because it only makes a mess right when it is cut. Some people vacuum it up with a handheld, but I am good friends with my lint roller. I clean up all the little bits before moving the minky more than an inch or two. All of my minky scraps are put in one cube of my cutting table. I just make sure to use the lint roller before putting them away. I hope that answers your question.

  3. Cool, cool, cool! Beautiful quilt! So many different designs that I haven't tried yet! I need to make another one of these because they are so fun to make. I love your creativity.

  4. That is such a pretty quilt, Jasmine! I love the spring-y look to it. I clicked over to see your other post about making a chunky race quilt, and hope to try it myself. I think I have plenty of scraps for it! :)

  5. Beautiful, Jasmine! I love all the different quilting designs, especially in that picture of the quilt just off the frames. It's so fun to have so many designs in one quilt. Out of curiosity, what do you use to write on your labels? Do you find that it holds up well to lots of washes or does it fade? I'm looking for a reliable way to write on a quilt, but I really want to be sure it will stay even after the quilt is washed a few times. Thanks!

  6. oh my! I just want to snuggle up with this quilt! Love the quilting!!!

  7. I am ITCHING to make one of these, cannot wait to get back home to my stash and do this. Terrific idea to do a different design in each row and I agree; my favourite is the hearts row. :-)

  8. This is so pretty Jasmine! Your quilting is gorgeous too - I really like those hearts! :-)

  9. I just love your quilting sampler strip quilts! Are you ever going to run out of quilting designs??


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