Friday, February 3, 2017

Wild and White: A Finished Quilt

Here is my first finished project quilted on the Bernina Q24.  (Check out this post to learn more about the longarm in my studio.)

It was just some Kona White fabric with Warm and White batting.  I added some white Aurifil thread and wild quilting to make this quilt.  I had so much fun quilting with the Bernina.  I can hardly believe that this is just the first project I have quilted on it.  I never had that much control on my mom's other longarm.

It is always so much fun taking quilts off the frames.

I squared it up and tried a new technique for the binding to add a little pop of color.  I followed the Faux Piped Binding tutorial by Trisha.

I used the stuffed piped binding and found it very difficult to keep even.  (I think the flatter version would have been easier and I may try it again sometime.)

Almost immediately after finishing the quilt I put it in the washer and dryer to see if I liked that better.  (My other option was to cut it off completely and add a different binding.)

It crinkled up nicely and so the uneven edges don't bother me as much.

Perfect isn't flawless, perfect is finished.  Right?

It is now hanging proudly at the top of my stairs to the basement.  It looks pretty blah until you turn on the light and see all the crinkly texture.

I really do like the little pop of color, especially by my Valentine Addition quilt.

Quilt Stats #198
Name:  Wild and White
Pattern:  Whole cloth with wild quilting
Fabric Used:  Kona White
Binding:  Pink Riley Blake Blender and White
Amount Used:  2.5 yards
Batting: Warm and White
Size:  About 36 x 42 inches
Date Finished:  2017

I guess the binding is there to stay.  At least for now.  ;)


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out for more quilty inspiration.


  1. Wow oh Wow! I always love your quilting and those feathers look so fun! The pop of color is a nice touch.

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun doing this Jasmine. It looks great and I love the pop of colour with the piped binding.

  3. It's as wonderful as I thought it would be!! How long did it take you to quilt it? Have you tried Suzie's Magic binding-you might like that method better.

  4. This is so awesome! Your quilting is gorgeous and I really do love that pop of pink!

  5. Fantastic! How exciting that you felt so much control with the longarm right away!

  6. Very pretty!
    I've used the flat version of the faux piped binding, but it got demerits from the judges when I entered that quilt in a show. They said it should have been stuffed. It did look nice and even to me, though, and I would use the method again.

  7. Wow Jasmine! I think you got the hang of your mom's new longarm!

  8. I immediately saw the binding and thought, 'she did the Susie's Magic Binding!' but I see you followed a different tutorial, same result, except Susie's is just a flanged flat one, not a stuffed one. Beautiful free flow wild quilting!

  9. It really is beautiful! I always live that you share where you are using the quilts! Smiles!!

  10. How do you do it? So much beauty in simplicity. Love the pop of color in the quilt as well as your hallway. Where are the quilt models hiding?

  11. I love the simplicity (in colour) and the wild quilting on this one. Your quilting is always so beautiful :)


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