Thursday, March 7, 2019

HST Quilt ~ Finished!

I am thrilled that my Half Square Triangle Sampler quilt is finally finished.  If I am being honest, I would say that I started it three years ago while sewing in my mom's basement.  For some reason this quilt was hard for me to finish.  I sewed the HST by sewing around all four sides of a square and cutting an X through the square.  First I put it aside because I had to square up every 2.5 inch finished HST.  Then I put it aside because all the HST were on the bias .  One thing led to another and I finally finished it.  Perfect isn't flawless, perfect is finished.  Right? 

I quilted it on my Tiara with large flowers.  It was the first time I had used the Tiara in 10 months.  It deserved some attention. 

Bunny tested it out for me right after it was quilted. 

The binding was sewn to the top, clipped, then stitched to the back by hand. 

It is the same binding as the original quilt this was the leftovers from. 

It is also the same backing as Dancing Daisies. 

Dancing Daisies, with blocks hand pieced, actually took less time start to finish than this one 

From a plan...

To a reality...

I'm so glad it is finished.  This one will hang upstairs on the landing for the month of April, or in my studio whenever I feel like it. 



  1. It's a beautiful quilt! I love the continuity of color throughout the quilt. It really helps give it some order. I noticed you changed the envelope block around.

  2. Finished just in time to hang and enjoy! Finished is much better than perfect (and never finished). :)

  3. It looks great! Finished definitely equals perfect :)

  4. Welcome back. Gosh, Jasmine, you were missed. Love the quilt, the quilting, the blue binding and the best of all - Bunny's pony tails.

  5. Awesome finish! Isn't it a reward of the warm n fuzziest kind to have a sketch come alive?!

  6. That finish will be a perfect addition to your Easter decor. More importantly... Would you LOOK at how Bunny has grown? Wow!!! :o))


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