Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Month of January 2014

January was a very productive month.  I was able to meet my January goal (link #19) for A Lovely Year of finishes and exceed my expectations. 

My January goal was to "make something with my blue fabrics." 

And I did make something... I made a whole STACK of blue quilts and runners.  That counts as just one project, right?  ;)  They all came from the same pile of fabric.  In fact, my blue stash now looks like this...

I estimate that there is about 14 yards of fabric in the stack.  (The top part will be made into a blue and yellow quilt sometime.)  And I have probably about 3 yards of blues cut into strips/scraps left over from the projects that I did finish.  Check out this post to see how I decided to cut up a lot of my blue fabrics.  It is a system I will be using throughout the year. 

Here are pictures with links to each of the quilty goodness from my stack.  I will go from the top to the bottom of my stack.  :D

"A Winter's Day" table runner.  It used up 1.75 yards of fabric. 

"Bit of Heaven" baby quilt.  It used up 2.5 yards of fabric.

"Winter's Joy" baby quilt.  It used up 5 yards of fabric. 

"A Winter Night" table runner.  It used up 3 yards of fabric.

By the way, does anyone know how long a poinsettia is supposed to last?  Mine is about six weeks old and still doing great!  It is probably the longest I have ever kept a house plant alive.  It seems like such a seasonal plant that I don't want to keep it forever, but I wouldn't want to get rid of it while it is doing so well.  I am pretty proud of myself. 

"Warm Winter Mittens" wall hanging.  It used up 3 yards of fabric. 

"Blueberry Juice" lap quilt.  It used up 5 yards of fabric. 

"Seeing Double" lap quilt.  It used up 8.25 yards of fabric. 

"Solstice" reverse star twin quilt.  It used up 10.5 yards of fabric. 

So, that is my "one project" for the month of January.  :o)  But if I had to pick one quilt... I would say that "Solstice" is my favorite. 

In addition to the above, I made two more wall hangings and another twin quilt.  In total, they used up another 14.5 yards of fabric.  One wall hanging will be shown after someone's birthday.  I just wanted you to know that I can count and add. 

These quilts also used up some of my blue fabric, but it came from the bright colors stack in my stash. 

So here is my stash report for the month of January...

January Stash Report
Quilting Cottons
Fabric purchased:  0 yards
Fabric used:  53.5 yards
Net used:  53.5 yards

That is a lot of fabric used in completed projects! 

I also made two window treatments and some tied baby blankets.  However, I decided not to count my baby flannels.  I always use 3 yards for each blanket and then buy a ton more fabric on Black Friday.  But I did use 18 yards this month, just so you know.  ;)


P.S.  I am linking up with the January Finishes Party for A Lovely Year of Finishes, and the Sunday Stash Report at Patchwork Times


  1. Gosh, I don't know if you can count this as meeting your goal. Not much blue on this post! ;) Great month of finishes!

  2. WOW, your January was very producative!! Great job on BLUE! Can't wait to see what you do in February!

    1. Thanks! I am ready for a new color... I'm thinking RED! ;)

  3. Wow! You really rocked blue and the month of January! Awesome projects!

  4. Wow, I love them all, but I agree Solstice is my favorite too!!!

  5. What a great system you have and you are totally following it...go Jasmine!! lol

    Maybe one day I will do this with my scraps in a variety of colors. It can definitely be overwhelming at times:)

  6. You certainly had a productive month! You definitely put a dent in your blue stash :) They are all great!

  7. Wow! I mean... WOW! Great projects!

  8. I just love all those blue quilts!! I'd say you had a banner stash busting month!! I would be saying to myself 'self, you better get out and buy some more fabric - you are running low!' haha Good for you!

  9. Holy Smokes!! Congrats to you. What a lot of beautiful work you accomplished in January. Love it!!

  10. This is so impressive! I love how you are breaking it down my color. Great inspiration!


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