Thursday, July 2, 2015

Quilt Photo Albums

I mentioned my new quilt photo albums in my last post, and thought I would go into more detail today.  :)

While I love blogging as a record of my quilts, I decided that I wanted something more tangible as a record of my quilts.  I spent several days selecting, uploading, and printing pictures of all of my quilts so far.  (Good news is that Costco gives you a discount on 4 x 6 photos if you order more than 100 at a time.)   Then came the time to actually organize the photos.

I started out by using divided sheet protectors.  The ones I used are Albums Made Easy and are very similar to the ones made for Project Life.

Then I used some lined journaling cards to write the quilt statistics.  One nice thing is that they have different styles of divided sheet ptotectors.  I could choose what worked best for the quilts which would be back to back.  It was also nice that you can just slip in the 4 x 6 photos.  So that is what I did for my first 100 quilts.  (I will admit that some still need the journaling done.)

I was feeling limited by the dividers, so I decided to do some very simple scrapbooking for the next 100 quilts.  I have to say that I like the second way lots better!  I selected cardstock which coordinated with the photos, trimmed them, stuck them down, and added some simple journaling.

I had so much fun doing this that I even printed pictures of quilts for my mom and started a different album for her using the Albums Made Easy sheet protectors.  She loves it!

The biggest thing I learned by doing this is if you are planning on printing 4 x 6 photos of your quilts, make sure you leave room on the sides to crop the picture without cropping your quilt!  I had been taking pictures of quilts so I wouldn't have to crop them before including them on my blog.  Some of them lost a little on their sides.  So now I am taking extra photos:  Some zoomed in and some zoomed out.

What do you do with pictures of your quilts?  Do you print them, or just keep them digital?


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P.P.S.  I wish everyone celebrating the 4th a safe, happy, holiday weekend!


  1. Love it, Jasmine. I forget to photograph most of my quilts! Then when I need photos for classes, I end of having to make something in a hurry. Lovely job.

  2. This looks great! I like both ways, but I can see the second way would be easier.

  3. I also keep a photo album. I started from day 1 and as I finish a quilt, I add it in. My daughter bought me an album with a place to write and 2 picture slots on each page. I do a front and a back along with the stats :)

  4. I love your quilt memory book. I used to print some pic's out but had more than one quilt per picture. But that was before I started making so many! So now it is only on my computer.

  5. Great quilt log! I like that you included some in-progress pics. I keep a 3-ring binder with a page protector for each quilt. I print a full page photo on standard printer paper, and include EQ print-outs, pattern notes, fabric swatches, photos of the quilt with the recipient, thank-you notes, and anything else relevant in the pocket. I'm currently in volume 2 of jumbo 3" binders. I keep a master list in the front of the current volume, with the project name, when completed, size, who quilted it, and notes such as who it was made for. It's nice to have a lifetime record of my quilts all in one place, and it can't be digitally lost if my PC crashes.

  6. I am a new quilter. But I take a picture and scraps of the fabric, write name quilt, who for, date and place in clear sheet protectors in a binder.

  7. I have been keeping everything digital, but I *love* your scrapbook memories, too. And how awesome to be doing this for your mom.

  8. Jasmine, you are young and peppy and I admire your creativity. This is such a treasure. 100 years from now, your book will be in the library of congress..... (if that means anything these days)
    I love you to bits.
    Thank you for sharing these pages. I wish I lived next door I would barge in your house and look at these books

  9. What a great idea. It just might get stolen (the idea, not the album)!!!
    I have a digital folder for each quilt. I may just do the album thing one day.
    Hugs to you, dear inspirational friend!

  10. terrific idea. I like the way you've organized yours. Maybe if I started from now... I have made over 200... wish I had a picture of each.

  11. Mine are only digital right now. My niece actually suggested a few days ago that I should keep a poto album. I love yours, adding the stats is a terrific idea.

  12. I used to print pictures and have them in small photo albums, but with very little info on the back of the photo. Now I just leave them digital and all info is on the blog...which is not backed up....which concerns me. I still like the idea of tangible albums, but I just don't know about the time involved. Yours are wonderful Jasmine. I really should do this...or make a DVD of them all...hmmm. That could take a lot of time too, as I well know from making Brady's movies! Thanks for the advice and tips you give in this post. Saving it. :-)

  13. I too use my blog to archive my quilts. My scrapbook days are behind me....yet, with that said, I do like the idea of having a tangible catelog of sorts for my now you have me thinking???


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