Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mid-Year Goal Check and Stash Report

It is hard to believe that 2015 is already more than half over.  When I realized this, I decided it would be the perfect time to see how I am accomplishing my goals for the year.  My great big main goal for the year was to Enjoy.  I have definitely been enjoying many things this year.  :)

A display of my quilts I enjoyed putting together.

I also thought it would be good to update my Stash Report for the first half of the year. 

January: 31 yards used, 76 yards added
February: 46.5 yards used, 12.5 yards added
March: 28 yards used, 13 yards added

Quarter 1: 105.5 yards used, 101.5 yards added, 4 yards less

April:  6 yards used, 8 yards added
May: 24.25 yards used, 28.25 yards added
June:  15.5 yards used, 7 yards added,

Quarter 2:  45.75 yards used, 43.25 yards added, 2.5 yards less

First Six Months:  151.25 yards used, 144.75 yards added, 6.5 yards less

Also of note is that I donated some fabric I had separated last September.  I had intended to give it to a friend, but she wasn't interested.  So it had been sitting in one cube of my Expedit since then.  I heard that a local quilt guild was having their July fair complete with a quilty yard sale, so I donated it all to them.  I filled up a huge laundry basket and donated it for their fundraiser.  That felt so good!  I estimate that I got rid of more than 100 yards of fabric (all of which I had inherited 10 years ago).  So my stash is more like 106.5+ yards less.  But since I didn't use it, I plan on keeping that amount separate.  :)  

Everything in that lower left cube is now gone.

Now on to my list of 15 things to Enjoy  in 2015.  (With photos added to keep it pretty.)  

1.  Using my stash ~ I have made four quilts from my stash, and I have plans for lots more soon.

My favorite "from stash project" was for my sister K.

2.  Using my scraps ~ Not only have I enjoyed using my scraps, but I made eight baby/toddler quilts out of a friend's scraps and leftovers.    

My favorite scrap project called "Little Red."

3.  Using new fabrics ~ I have made 10 quilts from fabric purchased in the last year plus lots of bags. 

I bought the fabric for "Quilty Kisses" in February and made it within 2 weeks.

4.  Building my stash ~ Of the 144.75 yards added this year, I purchased more than 100 of them.  So it is safe to say I have enjoyed building my stash.  

Fabric purchased with my birthday money for future projects.

5.  Finishing quilts ~ I have finished 22 quilts so far this year.  

"Modern Farmer's Wife" was my most labor intensive project this year.  

6.  Finishing quilty projects ~ I have made lots of bags and other little projects.  

Three of my favorite quilty finishes this year.

7.  Making quilts as gifts ~ I have given five quilts away as gifts.  

I've been told by more than one person that my nephew and soon-to-be niece LOVE their quilt.

8.  Making quilts to donate ~ I have already donated one quilt this year.  (I have made others which I will donate after I am done using them as class examples.)  

"Evening Addition" donated to Happy Chemo.

9.  Making quilts for my home ~ I have made four specifically for use in my home.  

"A Day in the Country" is hanging up in my kitchen now.

10.  Sewing my WISP by hand ~ I have five blocks made, and enough quarter curves for five more blocks.  

These are ready to be sewn into blocks.  

11.  Improving my FMQ ~ Wow!  I feel like I have improved so much by trying new things, spending lots of time quilting, and by teaching FMQ.  

I sometimes look at "Floating" and wonder, "Wow, did I really quilt that?"

12.  Blogging (when I have something to blog about) ~ This will be my 80th post this year.  

13.  Participating in online events ~ I have participated in the Hands2Help Quilt Challenge, Blogger's Quilt Festival, and the Creative Space Tag.
14.  Preserving memories ~ While I haven't done a lot of scrapbooking of family events, I have been taking lots of pictures and have even started a Quilt Album.  

From my new Quilt Album.

15.  Last, but definitely not least... Being a wife and mother ~ I absolutely love being a wife mother.  Spending time with all four of my boys is my favorite thing.  And it is because of this that I have decided to take a 2-4 week blogging break.  Last year I ended up taking a two week break in the beginning of August, and I found it very refreshing.  We don't have plans to go anywhere, but I am looking forward to some more family focused time.  So things will be pretty quiet over here at Quilt Kisses (although I may still do some blog reading after the young boys are in bed).  

See you in a few weeks!



  1. Your quilts are wonderful - great inspiration - thanks for sharing.

  2. What a fun mid-year review! Happy break to you!

  3. Love seeing your mid year update. have a great break away from blogging and enjoy time with the boys.

  4. You're having such a successful year! Congrats on your many accomplishments. Enjoy your blog break and spending extra time with your boys.

  5. You have accomplished so much so far this year! Your quilting is beautiful. I love that Farmer's Wife quilt!

  6. So much accomplished.... love seeing these kind of posts.

  7. Fantastic first half of the year Jasmine!!! I've never thought to keep track of how much yardage I use and buy....but maybe that is a good thing! LOL!!! Enjoy your end of summer break before the boys head back to school. :)

  8. I love how you keep track of your yardage. You have such beautiful finishes so far! Enjoy your break :)

  9. Enjoy your summer break, Jasmine - you deserve it! I'm exhausted just reading how much you've achieved this year! I am going to look back over your FMQ posts for inspiration ... my goal was to try new things. Have fun :)

  10. It really sounds like there is so much for you to enjoy, Jasmine, and I really like your emphasis on the pleasure that quilting brings not only to your life but those around you. I hope you have a great break, and I look forward to hearing what you are up to again in a few weeks!

  11. I absolutely LOVE your stash report posts! It amazes me how much you get done with all that you have going on! And the those yardage numbers are just staggering!! I am afraid to add mine up ;)

  12. Congratulations, Jasmine! Cheering you on with such admirable goals - I especially love your focus "to enjoy" in 2015 and by all accounts, you are achieving that and then some.
    Wishing you a lovely time off, with your loved ones!

  13. Jasmine you are an amazing and accomplished quilter! It is really fun to see your quilts gathered together like this.
    Hope you have (had?) a wonderful time spending this break with your boys!

  14. Hello Jasmine, that's a great quilt show you have here! It's lovely to see everything you have made so far, I love the colours of the sampler quilt too. Hope you are taking time for a summer holiday too,
    Kind regards,

  15. wow!! You've been busy! Everything is wonderfully and beautifully made :)

  16. Lovely post Jasmine. You are smart to take a break from blogging. I took an 8-day break which wasn't planned, but I was surprised that it does feel refreshing to do that! Hope, but I do know, that you are enjoying to the max this break. Wow, you have done so much these past 7 months! My faves are the Valentine wallhanging and Floating.

  17. Gosh you certainly have been busy on the sewing front this year, some lovely finishes! And having a break from blogging is a healthy choice, I too take time away from the computer now & then!

  18. I was just thinking I haven't seen you in a bit - even though I know I did read this several weeks ago! Hope you're enjoying the break with your boys. And love all of your accomplishments, but mostly Floating. Everything about that one is amazing!!


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