Thursday, July 16, 2015

My New Beatle Bag

I bought a pattern and inserts for a Beatle Bag earlier this year at the HMQS, and I finally got around to making my bag.

It was my first time working with the Soft and Stable foam batting, and I love how puffy the quilting looks.

This is a  large Riley Blake Quatrefoil in black which I quilted between the shapes for the outside of my bag.

The lining is a Riley Blake Swiss Dots which I quilted with the walking foot four dots apart.

I loved not having to mark the quilting on either one.

I thought the bag would take about four hours to finish.

It was more like eight!  But I do love my new organizer bag.

I think it is cuter than a bug.  ;)

I did change the pattern by not sewing the darts and adding a flap to cover the first pocket.

I also added a strap with a hook by the second pocket, but whish I had just added another flap for the scissors.

I think I am going to add a small D-ring to the red flap.  Then I can clip the hook onto it.  The scissors might stay in better that way.

Either way, I am enjoying my new bag by my sewing machine.

It is keeping little things a bit more organized.

And speaking about organization... look at what I just brought home from Ikea.  My sweet hubby put it together for me.

This cart is hanging out by my cutting table and is still empty.  I'm trying to figure out what I want to keep on it.  I usually just work on one project at a time, but I may keep the next two projects I want to work on in it.  We'll see.

One of those future projects I want to work on is a Sew Together Bag that will match my Beatle Bag.


  1. Your bag is beautiful!! I can see the details would take a while! I have been looking at that stand at Ikea for a while now for my scrapbook area. I see Sam's Club has it now too, a little cheaper I might add.

  2. Using the fabric print for guidance on quilting is really fun - your lines around the Quatrefoil look great and I really like how the quilting on the dots ended up on point! :)

  3. Wait, you bought the cart in black, not aqua? Is that even legal in the sewing community? ;) The bag looks cute and useful, and I love the quilting!

  4. I've been wanting to try Soft and Stable as well. Your bag is so pretty! I love how the design pops with the quilting. I have a Raskog on my list too. I didn't even know it come in black! I'm thinking a cream colored one for me :)

  5. Love the bag. Those little things always seem to take longer than you might think. I have been eyeing one of those carts as well and loved Kate's comment above not aqua? I love the cart and in aqua but think I would go with white. We shall see! Can't wait to see what you put in the cart.

  6. Lovely! I just love the IKEA cart, great buy!

  7. Oh how I love not having to mark...lines, as well as English papers ha! Your Beatle Bag is awesome; I like Abbey Lane patterns, made the Julia bag this past winter.

  8. When you got your pattern. Did anything else come with it? I love your bag and so want to make them for my girls for Christmas.

    1. Yes, when you buy the pattern four inserts (eight pockets) come with it. If you are making more than one you can purchase the inserts in sets of four without the pattern. They would make a nice gift, but I will wait a long time before I feel like making another. :)

  9. Love your finished bag, Jasmine. It is gorgeous. I figured it would take a little more work than I imagined. Can't wait to do mine!

  10. Um, I MUST have one of these little organized bags. I don't like making little stuff like that, especially if they have zippers (did enough of that in HS), but I think I'm ready to venture into trying to make a place for all my "little stuff". And I love your IKEA cart. I think I'd put it to the right of my sewing machine, and fill it with 1. large scraps 2. small scraps (for a vortex quilt) and 3. snacks :) or maybe some trinkets that the toddler grandkids are allowed to play with when they're in my sewing room. congrats on a great finish! I think it'd take me more than 8 hrs!

  11. What a great organizer! It looks so nice by your machine. Your cart looks like it will be useful for lots of things - I like the idea of putting your current/future projects there.

  12. Your bag is wonderful and I'm with you on the joys of not having to mark the quilting patterns 😀

  13. What a fun bag! Great way to keep all your tool organized, especially for travel!


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