Friday, September 23, 2016

Lego Rainbow: A Finished Quilt

Panda's Lego quilt is finished, and he is a very happy boy.

Of course it is backed in minky.  He has informed me that red is his new favorite color.  Blue used to be his favorite color and that is why the binding and extra stripe are blue.

I went into more detail about the piecing and quilting in my previous post.  The HQ 2" and 4" Clamshell Template worked very well, but the sad thing is that Handi Quilter has discontinued this type of ruler.  They now have a Multi Clamshell Ruler which has four different sizes but not as many repeats.

I quilted it in a shiny gray thread and I love how it creates a shadow effect.  Even though the circles on real Legos are spread out, it still feels like Legos.

We named this quilt "Lego Rainbow" because of all the colors and their arrangement.

It is very appropriate for my Panda because he organizes his Legos in separate color bins.

Usually this quilt is in his bedroom, minky side up, ready for his Legos.

I love that the minky backing looks like a giant Lego base plate.

All of the fabrics used are Kona solids.  The colors I used are: Cardinal, Watermelon, Carrot, Goldfish, Citrus, Buttercup, Grasshopper, Cabbage, Ocean, Alegria, Heliotrope, and Pansy.

Quilt Stats #183
Name: Lego Rainbow
Pattern:  4 x 8 inch finished bricks
Fabric: Kona solids
Amount Used: 4 yards
Size:  About 44 x 52 inches
Batting: Warm and White
Date Finished: 2016

This quilt is right at home in our Lego loving house.


P.S.  I will be linking up with some of the fun parties on my sidebar.  Check them out for more quilty inspiration.


  1. Love it! Thanks for listing the kona colors. We used to have our legos in labeled containers like yours sorted by color, but the kids kept mixing them all up and nobody wanted to keep sorting them. Too bad, because I love them sorted!

  2. The circles are perfect for turning your bricks into LEGO bricks! My son sorted his by color too :) Still does, just doesn't dive into them as frequently now.

  3. Very pretty! At first I wondered why you called it Lego Rainbow--I get the rainbow part. But then when I saw the close-up of the quilting, I saw the Lego circles even before you wrote about them. Nicely done!

  4. This is an amazing quilt!! I love the rainbow colors, and the circle quilting is absolutely perfect for your Lego loving Panda! That minky backing looks so snuggly and soft, it might just change my favorite color to red, too :) Great job!

  5. This certainly caught my eye in my feed! I love it!! The quilting was so perfect for this!

  6. I love that he organizes his legos by color; a boy after my own heart for sure! It's a beautiful finish and must be the softest and most fun place to create and build legos that I have ever heard of.

  7. I have a feeling Panda takes after you as you seem very organized as well. I'm so glad he is happy; the quilt is just awesome!

  8. Oh that is awesome, it looks just like Lego and I love the bright colours - what a lucky boy to have such an awesome quilt!

  9. The perfect quilt for Panda. You can't have a bad day with that happy quilt around!

  10. I love the red on the back with the rainbow and blue binding! The whole quilt is just so happy feeling :)

  11. Very cool quilt! It came out lovely. And I really like how Panda organizes his legos.

  12. Seriously Jasmine? The quilt is simple and striking and I am not surprised. That is your signature style and I love it.
    But I have not seen a kid (boy or girl) so organized. I am humbled. Will you give Panda a kiss on the cheek for me?

  13. Great idea, really works so well. I have lego envy! Had the hospital set when I was a child!

  14. What a fun quilt idea! Love how you created the illusion of Lego bricks with the quilting.


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