Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Train Quilt in Progress

After making the Lego quilt with red minky on the back, Monkey thought he needed another quilt with minky.  I decided to use the trains left over from his Monster Alphabet quilt.

Monkey had fun helping me pick the colors and layout for his stripe quilt.

I love how fast stripe quilts to together.  It was cut and pieced in one afternoon.

This quilt was small enough that I was able to baste it on my big cutting table.  It was nice not having to do it on the floor.

I quilted this on my little Pfaff because I already had bobbins wound in matching Aurifil colors.

The machine quilting on stripe quilts is my favorite part.



  1. It seems like there can never be too many quilts with minky backings. :) It will be fun to see what quilting designs you used in the stripes!

  2. I was thinking the strip quilting would be fun too! I bet you're going to do all different designs and have fun!

  3. It's so fun to see a quilt come together so quickly😀 and nice to share the fun with your kids!


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