Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mom's First Turning Twenty: A Custom Finish

I have mentioned before that my mom teaches the granddaughters (and grandsons who ask) to quilt when they turn 13.  She uses the basic Turning Twenty pattern.  She decided that she wanted to use two of the kits we purchased last year and make matching quilts for the grandchildren's room at her house.  This is the first one she had me quilt for her.

I quilted it with the Cherish design from Christina Cameli's second book.

It is a fun design to fill up a space with using a swirl and three arcs.  Sometimes you echo the shape to move to another area.

She had me do the binding by machine for her so it could be finished quickly.

Her second quilt will have the same twenty fat quarters with a different border, binding, and backing.  I always love working on projects with my mom.



  1. That's a perfect quilting motif for the fabrics in the quilt, and I really like how the two of you work together so seamlessly.

  2. Such a pretty quilt. My girls would love those fabrics for their room! The quilting is perfect too with it's curves.

  3. What a great idea. I just "over bought" a new fabric line that I fell in love with but two FQ bundles purchased on line plus a commitment to purchase more at my local LQS (because I raved so she would buy a lot of the line) leaves me with needing to turn a good portion of this into nice quilt tops in a hurry. Thank you!!

  4. Looks like Spring in (almost) Fall. Very soothing colors, Jasmine. I have yet to make a Turning Twenty pattern. Your quilting is exquisite. Where are your models?

  5. Great one....this pattern is always a surprise. I think the secret is in the fabric selection and having the same style fabric.

  6. Very pretty. The quilting is perfect for those fabrics! I just finished my first collaboration with my mom. It was fun.

  7. Your Mom sounds like such a fun person to quilt with and I love what you did with this quilt - perfect :)

  8. Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting, as always!


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