Tuesday, July 25, 2017

HST Quilt Progress

I last shared this quilt with you in March.  At the time I had the three inch (unfinished) HST blocks sewn and trimmed.   Now I have all of the ten inch blocks (finished size) pieced together.  It is turning into another WISP (work in slow progress).  The blocks have gone up and down from the design wall a few times.  Sometime I will finally add the sashing and cornerstones like in my sketch.

But for now, the blocks are sitting in a box waiting for attention.  I tell myself that it is okay for some quilts to take longer than others.  It seems that the more intricate a quilt is, the more breaks I need from it.  So I am going against my norm and letting this quilt simmer.

I'm just keeping it real.  :)



  1. I think you should sew what you want, when your ready to work on it! Who needs to be a in a rush anyway? Quilting is supposed to be enjoyed! I love how your quilt is coming together.

  2. The blocks look great and I think it is nice to have a longer term project to work on here and there, like bee blocks or even Cheryl's mystery quilt along for me. Sometimes knowing you have something to spend just a few minutes with to sew on some sashing can be a satisfying evening.

  3. If putting it aside doesn't bother you then you should do that(heck I do it all the time!). We all need breaks sometimes. Because after all we are suppose to have fun at this!! It will eventually get there.

  4. Nothing wrong with taking breaks from a project to keep it fresh. It will be lovely whenever it graduates to the "done" pile.

  5. Sometimes letting it simmer helps the flavors blend better. :D It looks beautiful so far!

  6. Your blocks are beautiful! Working on a project slowly and taking breaks from it is better than abandoning it completely. This one is going to be so much fun when it does get to the "finished" stage! :-)

  7. "Keeping it real". Thank you! I love how this one is evolving. Sometimes I take breaks on purpose, to come back with fresh eyes, often another squirrel, or celebration of a life event, quilt need arises, and the break happens.


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