Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sue Patten Class

Shortly after I taught my mom a little FMQ on her Bernina Q24, we took a three day workshop from Sue Patten.  It was an absolutely amazing class. She is an incredible machine quilter.  In the picture above she was telling us why she quilted what she quilted on her quilt.  Pretty much, she just quilted whatever she felt like quilting where she felt like quilting it.  She said she likes to mix things up so she doesn't get bored.  ;)

This is my favorite close-up which I took from that quilt.

That is a very tiny design.  I love the hearts!

She definitely has her own style with lots of color and what she calls "a gross misuse of thread."

 The quilt above wasn't much bigger than a fat quarter.

The first day we spent doing free motion quilting on the long arm.  (My mom and I shared a Bernina Q24).  This is a sampling of what I quilted that day.

The second day we did a lot of ruler work and grid work.  Here is sample of what I quilted the second day.

The third day we marked a quilt with a Zen Suedle design.

We used stencils and traced shapes on black fabric.  Then we took it home to quilt it.  I will be sharing the finished quilt soon.  It took me more than two months to do all of the quilting on my Baby Lock Tiara.  (Which is one of the reasons why it took me so long to blog about the class.)  Here is a sneak peek at my little practice for tiny quilting.

I think that is the smallest I have ever quilted!

If you ever have a chance to take a class from Sue Patten, I highly recommend you take it.

Jasmine Stephens


  1. Looks like it was a fun class!

  2. Those tiny hearts of hers are amazing! I don't see it as a gross misuse of thread or quilting something to death: I say that I am quilting the LIFE into something! I look forward to seeing how your quilt finished and hooray for tiny stitching. :)

    1. I agree, Yvonne. It is a lot like lace making. My mom caught the lace making bug when she and dad lived in Belgium for 16 years (my parents are from Holland)
      She was determined to learn. This really is thread brought to life

  3. Years ago I took a couple classes from Sue. She is one of my favorites! Look forward to seeing your whole cloth.

  4. I love the quilted sample you did in different thread colors! That alone is a beautiful quilt.

  5. Amazing, Jasmine. I would love to take a class

  6. OMG that uh little quilt? I thought it was a bed size! fat quarter--like wow. Funny, just yesterday I was looking at my tiny quilt I did out of Christina Cameli's book and thinking I should do more of those; it was fun. Now, with all the thread COLOUR!! My mind is going....after a squirrel no doubt.

  7. Oh look at you go to town, fun fun fun to see you progressing rapidly! I have taken a class with Sue a few years back, so talented.


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