Thursday, July 6, 2017

My Niece's Sixth Quilt

My niece, Miss S, bought a stack of five inch scrappy flannel squares at a local quilt shop.  On her last visit to Utah, she brought them to my house.  We laid them out on my design wall to determine a balanced layout.  Then she sewed them together at my Mother-in-law's house.

We quilted it on the Bernina Q24 with the Qmatic.  She chose a cute flower design.

It turned out so cute on the scrappy flannel patchwork quilt.

While the computer is fun and has great results, I could have quilted it faster than it took me to set it up on the computer.

She chose a soft pink flannel for the backing and binding.

This is the first quilt that she did most of the binding herself.  She did great mitering the corners!

Here she is with the finished quilt (on a really windy day).  She left for home the next day.

Miss S has already pieced her next quilt.  It is a jelly roll race.  I look forward to her next visit to Utah so that we can finish it together.

Quilting with my family is so rewarding.



  1. Patchwork quilts are some of my favorites! I just love the pink flannel and flowers she choose. Beautiful job!

  2. Wow, Miss S is well on her way to being a lifelong quilter. How awesome! :)

  3. This is great!!! And she has the perfect quilt for cold winters!!!

  4. Adorable quilt, and you are right on about quilting with one's family. :-)

  5. Beautiful! She does much better at mitered corners than I do, and I've had lots more practice!

  6. The perfect panto for the soft girlie colors.

  7. That's great; I love flannel, well-done Miss S!!

  8. So sweet, bright, happy, cheerful and springy quilt. The quilting could not have been more appropriate. I am sure you are the inspiration for your niece.

  9. That is such a sweet quilt - and that flannel back looks so snuggly and soft! Great finish Miss S! :-)

  10. Quilting with your family is such a great way to spend time with them...and they get a quilt out of it! Those flowers she chose look great quilted into the patchwork and I smiled when I read that you could have quilted it faster than you could set it all up!


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