Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Teaching My Mom

Earlier this year my mom came over a few times and I taught her how to do free motion quilting on her Bernina Q24.

We started by loading a sample sandwich (about 21 x 36 inches) where she could practice quilting in rows.

Once nice thing with practicing on old fabric is that it doesn't matter what the end result looks like.  She used a couple different colors of thread and quilted each row several times.  This was a great way to develop muscle memory.

This is the first little quilt she free motion quilted all by herself.  It is spirals which end up looking like upside-down e's.

This is her second little quilt.  She quilted it in wiggles.

I love the texture from quilting in rows, and I am so proud of my mom.  She plans on quilting another little flannel quilt before quilting a chunky race quilt like mine.



  1. I love the texture from the wiggles!

  2. Wow, great first and second quilts! I especially like the wiggles. I've been looking for a good design to use on a boy quilt... this is just the ticket...

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Kris. Wiggles in rows are a fun, fast, and simple design I love to quilt.

  3. The quilting looks great! Whohoo! Go, Mom!

  4. Great idea to practice multiple times on top of each other to aid in muscle memory. Her quilting looks great!

  5. At a recent quilt show I tried all the long arm machines they had at the show. The Bernina was the best! They had both the sit down and stand up frame one like you have. I found I loved the sit down one to quilt on much better because you can quilt smaller more intricate quilting and the stand up one you couldn't do smaller quilting very well. I think the sit down version was easier on my shoulders and back because you use smaller movements. I don't have room for either machine though, sigh. Your mom did great with her first quilting! The Bernina does make it easier!

  6. Your mom is very good!! It is great that you two can spend time together.
    These times will always be memories in your heart


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