Thursday, February 28, 2019

Handmade for Bunny

The first item I made for Bunny after she joined our family was this cute crocheted doll blanket.  It is much smaller than the ladybug one I crocheted for a baby girl when Cheetah was little.

Good thing the ladybug blanket is finally getting some use. It was in my cedar chest for years.  It works well for bigger dolls.

My little girl plays so differently than her brothers did at the same age.  :)

Early this year I made her a minky blanket.

It might not be the most girly, but both pieces were in my minky stash and Bunny loves how fuzzy it is.  It looks good on the rocking chair in her room. 

I also made a quilt/weighted blanket for Bunny.  It has pink minky on the back and poly pellets inside each quilted square.  It is soft and soothing.

I followed the Charming Stripes tutorial I made while Cheetah was working on his eagle project for strip piecing the top.  I used Rob Appell's YouTube tutorial for adding the pellets.  Now my sons are asking for weighted blankets.  It wasn't super difficult, it was just very meticulous to quilt the rows without hitting any pellets with the needle.

It looks really cute in her toddler bed. 

Her room is coming together.  :)

The princess quilt on her wall may or may not be one I originally made to donate and then decided to keep.  I'm glad I decided to keep it now. 

I look forward to making more handmade gifts for my family.  (I just don't feel like wrestling another weighted blanket yet.)



  1. Her handmade room is very special. Weighted blankets are a bit of a workout to make, aren't they?!?

  2. Such a cute room! I love all the different things you have made for your daughter. So nice to use your gift to bless your family!

  3. Weighted blankets are definitely a lot of effort and a show of love. Bunny's room looks like a very cozy place for a young girl and it will be fun to see her preferences grow with her.

  4. I love the babies in their blankets. Bunny is so loved already by me. I am sure her big brothers adore her

  5. You are making her room so cozy and fun. She is one lucky girl to be in your family and feel the love.


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