Friday, February 22, 2019

Scatter Sunshine

Things have been very busy in the Quilt Kisses household, but I did manage to finish one more quilt last year.  Not only was Bunny settling into our family, but we added a Shih Tzu puppy.  Yeah, I'm still in shock that we have a dog.  Cheetah and Bunny absolutely love him. 

What was amazing was that I was able to make this quilt start to finish in less than three days.  A cause can make things happen.  Scatter Sunshine was a gift for a friend  just about to start chemo therapy. 

This was my fabric pull.  The yellow is actually an ombre fabric.  I didn't use the lightest portion of it, because I wanted it to contrast with the white backgrounds.  It was all from stash and scraps.  The minky backing was also from my stash.  (When I see good minky on sale I buy it.)

My inspiration for the quilt was from the Covered in Love disappearing nine blocks a couple years ago.  In one day I had a finished quilt top. 

I loaded it on the Q24 for some free motion quilting.  I used the spirals and paisleys combo again. 

I love how they look together.

This was such a fun quilt to make.  I have almost enough fabric to make another.  One may be for me in the future.  ;)

It is crazy to think that it is the same pattern as the pink one I made last year. 

That just goes to show what a difference fabric choices make in the overall quilt!  My favorite fabric in Scatter Sunshine was an alphabet print (Best in Class Letter Toss).  It makes for a fun game of I Spy. 

You can see a portion of the binding in the picture above.  It was a black and white heart print.  I love how it turned out.  

I think it is ready for a good snuggle, finishing about 60 x 72 inches. 

I hope to share some projects I made for Bunny soon. 



  1. Welcome back! It's a beautiful quilt and I just love the pops of yellow. The disappearing 9 patch is such a versatile pattern. I've made more than one myself. Hope you're doing well!

  2. I know you have been busy with your family - having fun times. hugging and kissing that new daughter.
    This quilt is delightful. I have always wanted to make a quilt like this. I mean, black and white patches with colors
    Happy Week-end Jasmine

  3. Scatter Sunshine turned out beautifully and is sure to be a comfort to your friend! Want a little fun fact? I contributed a block to your inspiration quilt. :o))

  4. Beautiful! I hope your friend's treatment goes well and I'm sure she'll find comfort in being wrapped in quilty love.

  5. This is a happy quilt for your friend who will be so appreciative of it.

  6. Terrific FAST, wow, finish, lovely minky, lovely quilting, and I hope it brings the patient through safe and sound into full recovery.


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