Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Pillows From Scraps

 Gratitude Week ~ Day 5

Today I am grateful for my home.  It is a place of love, happiness, safety, security, and some craziness. It is a place where we can have fun, learn new things, make mistakes, and be ourselves.  It has been a huge blessing this year when we have had to stay home so often.  

I am also grateful that I can make things to beautify my home, like these pillows.  They are made with the scraps from this quilt.  

I had so much fun making all four of these pillows.  

The back is this beautiful print designed by Amanda Murphy.  (Almost all of the fabrics on the front were designed by her as well.)

These pillows now live on the gray sofa in my basement.  

Cheetah likes the backs better than the front.  The silly boy is not a fan of random.  

I love how they bring more color into the basement.  

What are you grateful for today?



  1. I love how neutral your house is and that you add color with all your quilty items. The pillows are very nice on the couch. Reversible too!

  2. I love how Cheetah has his opinion and feels free to express it. :)

  3. I think BOTH sides of your new pillows are beautiful. I'm grateful for inspirational quilt bloggers like YOU!!


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