Thursday, November 5, 2020

Sunrise Pinwheels

 After finishing Chiclets, I was able to get my pinwheel quilt loaded on the frames.  It used more of the Winline 100% cotton white batting.  I look forward to using that batting again.  

I quilted it in spirals because they remind me of wind on the pinwheels.  

The backing is an Riley Blake ombre dot fabric.  (Not minky because I was trying to use what I already had.)  

Bunny couldn't wait until it was bound to dance on it.  

I decided to bind it in navy blue because the blues on the front and back were not the same tone.  I always say that it doesn't matter what the backing is as long as the binding looks good on both sides.  

I like how the navy frames the front.  

All the pinwheels were cut out of one fabric with the AccuQuilt.  

I named it Sunrise Pinwheels because the layout reminded me of sunrise on the mountains east of my home.  

It was a fun finish!

It is being kept in this cabinet for now.  These quilts are always ready for a snuggle or a quilt fort.  

When I first got this cabinet it was filled with older quilts.  I'm so happy that I now have enough bright lap quilts to fill it up.  (That was my original goal.)  



  1. Lovely! I love that your quilt was made with only one fabric on the top. The quilting is perfect for the pinwheels.

  2. The swirls are the perfect compliment for pinwheels. I like the dots on the back, and it seems Bunny did as well. :)

  3. Yay for stash backing and that awesome quilt finish, Jasmine!!


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